Joel Quenneville the Right Man for Maple Leafs Coaching Job?

Shane HouseAnalyst IMay 20, 2008

There are a lot of questions surrounding the Toronto Maple Leafs this summer, including:

Will Mats come back? Who will be the GM? Who will the Leafs draft? and most importantly, who will be the Leafs coach??

Personally, if I had it my way I would bring back Pat Burns and have Wendell Clark and Doug Gilmour as the assistants. But I have my major doubts on that one. Now before we start naming off people randomly let's think about what the Leafs need.

As much as I liked Paul Maurice and thought he was a great coach, he wasn't the coach I envisioned for the Leafs. He wasn't very vocal toward the players, wasn't vocal during the games, and wasn't very strict with his players—all that and the fact that I think that his playing style is more suited for the Western Conference.

What the Leafs need is a no-nonsense coach, a coach that will be strict with the players but won't go as far as Mike Keenan. But also we need a coach that knows about the pressures of Toronto, and has experience dealing with the pressure of a hockey-mad town.

Now I could name a few people like Bob Hartley, Larry Robinson (haha), or Pat Burns, but all of them have been out of the game for a while and all had bad exits from the NHL. Including Pat Burns, sadly.

But out of all the names and all the faces that I could think of, one stood out. It's a man who has worked in the Leafs system before and had success in it as well, someone who has always done well wherever he has gone. The man I am talking about is:

Joel Quenneville.

He was one of the coaches when the St. John Maple Leafs went to the Calder Cup in 1992-93, and everywhere he has coached he has had success. Both St. Louis and Colorado got substantially better when he was manning the helm. He has experience and would be a perfect fit into the Leafs system.

So hopefully whatever GM that comes in to fix the Leafs is smart enough to hire Quenneville. He is the Leader that the Leafs need to get back into the playoffs.