BREAKING NEWS: Rey Mysterio Suspended for Violating WWE's Wellness Policy

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 27, 2009

It is 100 percent true that Rey Mysterio, the WWE's current Intercontinental Champion is going to be suspended for 30 days for violating the WWE's Wellness Policy starting next Wednesday.

This is not going to sit well with him, as he has been in contract disputes with the WWE for a while now.

I personally think this is a little much for Mysterio to get past, because now he has no leverage in contract negotiations. It also means that he should, and will drop the IC Title to Dolph Ziggler.

SPOILER ALERT: They were going to have Ziggler/Mysterio 3 at Breaking Point. But if Mysterio is suspended, then I would think the WWE will have him drop it next week on SmackDown.

People have been suspecting that he was suspended for steroids, mainly because he got busted for it a while back. He has no prior use of painkiller abuse, but it's possible that he could be abusing it.

The Wellness Policy shows no favorites, as some people may think. Mysterio is a big star in the WWE, and because of that, people think he can get away with anything. I think the WWE just proved that theory wrong here.

He would be back in time for Survivor Series, but it looks like the WWE will be taking whatever push he had away.

It is kind of sad to see Mysterio suspended here, because he is a big star and doesn't need to use abuse drugs to get to the next level.

Some people, possibly Mysterio, think "Oh, if I get bigger, then the WWE will push me" or "Man, I am feeling horrible, but I can't tell anyone, because if I do, I'll lose my push. So, I'll just take these pills four or five times a day."

Painkiller or steroid abuse is not a good thing, and people should realize that. Of course, no drug abuse is good either. So, we cannot say only steroids and pain killers are bad, because there are thousands of other things that are too.

With Jeff Hardy now gone from the WWE, they will be down in faces for mid-cards. So, I expect someone to step up, which would be great to see. It would show Mysterio how big his mistake was, once a younger guy takes his spot.

This is probably going to hurt Mysterio's image, but it is his own fault.

Enjoy your time off, Rey Rey!