2010 BCS Bowl Projections

Pavan KatepalliContributor IAugust 27, 2009

LUBBOCK, TX - NOVEMBER 08:  Quarterback Zac Robinson #11 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys during play against the Texas Tech Red Raiders at Jones AT&T Stadium on November 8, 2008 in Lubbock, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


The team winning the BCS Title game this year will be Oklahoma State.

BCS Title Game: Oklahoma State vs. USC (Projected winner: Oklahoma State)

Rose Bowl (BCS): Cal vs. Ohio State (Projected winner: Ohio State)

Orange Bowl (BCS): Rutgers vs Virginia Tech (Projected winner: Rutgers)

Allstate Sugar Bowl (BCS): Boise St. vs. Notre Dame (Projected winner: Notre Dame)

Tostitos Bowl (BCS): Texas vs. Florida (Projected winner: Florida)


Question: Why Oklahoma State and USC?

My Answer: USC is going undefeated. Lou Holtz is full of himself. Notre Dame is not beating USC. Also, Cal will have one loss (and only one loss) to USC, (but Cal's Jahvid Best will win the Heisman). Oklahoma State is going undefeated. I know their defense is in question (it's the reason why they didn't win the Big 12 South last season), but they brought in Bill Young as the Defensive Coordinator to kick things off. Zack Robinson is a very exciting QB to watch, and it seemed like he was a one man team against Oklahoma last year. In addition, OSU will beat Georgia and Houston. Houston will win C-USA and Georgia will beat Florida.

Question: Is Ohio State seriously going to win a post season game?

My Answer: I know. I know. They always lose in the post season. But this season they'll win the Big 10. Of course, they'll lose against USC (I don't care whose playing at QB - you could put a monkey - the O Line of USC is the best) But here's my logic. You know of the Heisman Curse right? Well Jahvid Best will win the Heisman, because Oklahoma, Texas and Florida will under perform. Since Jahvid Best will win the Heisman, his team will lose the post game.

Question: Why not Florida?

My Answer: The SEC is a snake pit, and no one is coming out alive. Not even Florida. Florida will lose two games. Specifically games against Georgia and Florida State.

Question: Why isn't the MWC in your BCS projections?

My Answer: Utah lost all their starters, and they will get beaten badly by Oregon. BYU's Offensive Player of the Year, Max Hall (QB) has a fracture and they will get beaten up bad by Oklahoma and Florida State. TCU's Super Running Back, Ed Wesley, has contracted swine flu. None of those teams are going undefeated. In addition, UNLV is going to be a surprise this year. They'll pull off some upsets against TCU, Utah and BYU.

Question: Why Notre Dame?

My Answer: First off, look at the schedule. Yes, they play USC, but that will be their only loss. Also, Notre Dame plays 7 home games. I know that Notre Dame's Offensive Line should have been on Comedy Central instead of ABC for the past two years, but Notre Dame's Offensive Line is the most experienced in the country. Yes their running game has been one of the worst in the country for the past two years, but with Frank Verducci (Running Game Coordinator) and Tony Alford (Running Backs Coach) we can expect a change. Also, they return their three running backs. Freshman Nick Tausch is a monster kicker, and that will help the Irish out even more, and they return their two best wide receivers.

Question: Why Boise St.?

My Answer: Their only challenge is Oregon. And Oregon is good, but not as good as Boise St. Also Nevada is a better team than people think. They will have 9 wins or more pre season, but none of them will be to Boise St.

Question: Why Rutgers?

My Answer: Schedule, schedule, schedule. That's why they're going to a BCS game. They're schedule is the easiest in the country. They're O line and Defense is the best in the Big East, and that's why it'll give 5th year QB Dom Natale, time to adjust. As a back up QB, they have Tom Savage (number 10 on ESPNU Top 150). Also they have experienced Running Backs. Although they have an inexperienced QB and Receivers, the're all very talented. I believe that they'll find their way throughout the season and go close to undefeated. The hardest games for Rutgers are at home, and that's another reason why they'll win the Big East. V Tech doesn't do well against teams that have solid defenses, because they rely on their running game too much. Rutgers has a solid defense.