Max Mosley: The Disgrace Of Formula One

Daniel RozentullerContributor IMay 20, 2008

As it has been well documented as of late, Max Mosley, the President of the FIA, is in a scandal where he was caught on film as part of a (supposedly) Nazi fetish sex tape.  As of last Sunday though, its rumored that a British MI5 agent was part of show.

Mosley is a disgrace to the whole Formula One community for the actions that were released to the public.  It is true that it is his private life, and it is also true that it should not affect his work. But to post official FIA letters based on your own personal investigations does not constitute as "smart."

In fact, it's dumb...stop it.

Dear Mr. Mosley,

Thank you for being FIA President.  You have done well in your tenure for over two decades and helped make Formula One the greatest racing spectacle in the world.  As your reputation has become tarnished, I recommend you step down immediately and hand over the reigns to the much better qualified and true dignitary of the sport, Sir Jackie Stewart.