MLB Position By Position Analysis: First Base

Stamati HoriatesCorrespondent IMay 20, 2008

For the past ten years or so the American League staked its claim as the best league in Major League Baseball. 

From All-Star games to World Series’ to inter-league play to generally producing more star-studded players, few would argue that American League teams have certainly outperformed their counterparts from the National League much like how the Western Conference in the NBA has completely dominated the East.

However, in what seems to be the start of a complete reversal of fortunes, it appears that the National League has taken over the American League as the best in baseball or, at the very least, has shrunk the gap.

Obviously, it will take some time before anyone can truly say the National League has outplayed the American in terms of World Series’, All-Star games, and inter-league play but from the sole standpoint of star-studded players including the emergence of highly talented youth, the tide has turned.

To open this debate, let’s start at the beginning.

First base, along with shortstop, is probably the most prominent display of National League supremacy over the American. Obviously these rankings below are somewhat based on my opinion, but however you look at it, the edge clearly goes to the National League.


  1. A Pujols                                               1.  Miguel Cabrera
  2. L Berkman                                           2.  Justin Morneau
  3. R Howard                                            3.  Carlos Pena
  4. P Fielder                                              4.  Kevin Youkilis
  5. M Teixeira                                            5.  Casey Kotchman
  6. D Lee                                                  6.  Paul Konerko
  7. A Gonzalez                                          7.  Ryan Garko
  8. C Jackson                                            8.  Richie Sexson
  9. J Loney
  10. J Votto
  11. M Jacobs


The reason I stop at number 8 for the American League is simply because the rest of the players are all equally atrocious.  While I could live with Mike Jacobs as my first basemen, I wouldn’t really want to be stuck with Richie Sexson, Ryan Garko, or even Paul Konerko for that matter with the way they’ve all been playing so far.

Please let me hear your thoughts.