Eduardo Da Silva's Dive Deserves a Ban? Celtic Need To Get Real

Owen WatsonCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2009

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 26:  Eduardo of Arsenal is confronted by Scott Brown of Celtic after winning a first half penalty for his team during the UEFA Champions League 2nd qualifying round 2nd leg match between Arsenal and Celtic at the Emirates Stadium on August 26, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

The way some sections of the Celtic support have responded to the Eduardo “dive” in the Champions League qualifier is laughable.

Fair play to Tony Mowbray, he was gracious enough to say Arsenal were the better team despite the overwhelming dose of bad fortune suffered by his Celtic side.

Without wading too deeply into the quagmire, I don't think you can call what Eduardo did a blatant dive. It was gamesmanship, he went into that situation knowing that to get a penalty he would have to get to the ball first, wait for contact, and go down.

The keeper did touch him...check 41-42 seconds into this video if you don't believe me, Artur Boruc's right knee clips Eduardo's right can see it move.

Is that enough contact to knock him down? Probably not...was he looking for the contact in that situation? Absolutely yes.

Would I be annoyed if the penalty was given at the other end? Definitely so.

I have no problem with any Celtic fan that says that their side was unlucky and that it was a soft penalty to get given against them. It was especially hard to swallow given the bad luck for the first goal in the tie.

The problem is when somebody then says Eduardo should be banned for doing this.

What? Any striker will try their luck in this instance...sometimes you get the penalty and it's soft, sometimes it is a blatant dive and the player gets booked. This one sits in the middle for me, it wasn't a terrible dive, and it wasn't a penalty.

To highlight the point I've went and found four clips of diving, this should hopefully show that there have clearly been much worse dives that have only been resolved with a yellow card.

Firstly, Morten Gamst Pederson against Arsenal.

Secondly, Alberto Gilardino against Celtic in the Champions League.

Thirdly, Ivan Campo, once again against Arsenal. This is basically an extreme version of Eduardo did, removed from the example of the keeper...Campo's is worse because he engineers the contact, whereas Eduardo simply took the contact and went down.

And finally, not the worse example by any means, but a player that I've never heard any Celtic fan called to be banned. He is an ex-Celtic player that has a sizeable reputation as a diver.

Stiliyan Petrov.

Of course, every club is plagued to varying degrees by divers, and I'm not excusing Eduardo's action. But still, calls for him to be banned in this instance are excessive. 

UEFA needn't get involved.