Marcus Camby: The Newest Nugget For Sale?

Sean StancillSenior Writer IMay 20, 2008

The 2006-07 Defensive Player of the Year traded? The statement sounds crazy, but it soon may be a reality.

Marcus Camby has been placed on the trading block.

Camby averaged 9.1 points, 13.1 rebounds, 1.6 steals, and 3.6 blocks a game during the regular season, and 3.3 points, 13.3 rebounds, one steal, and three blocks in the playoffs.

Marcus has recently been catching heat for being an overrated defender after the Nuggets were eliminated in the first round at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Here's a few scenarios:

Nuggets-Bobcats deal— Camby and the 20th pick for Emeka Okafor and Ryan Hollins

The Charlotte Bobcats are already shown as selecting Brook Lopez, the 7'0" center out of Stanford, in the first round with the would-be eighth overall pick. And a former Defensive Player of the Year in Camby and the 20th pick soften the blow of losing Okafor.

The Nuggets gain one of the strongest and elite defenders in the game in ''Mek," and former UCLA juggernaut Ryan Hollins makes for a nice substitute.

Problem: Hollins and Emeka must agree to sign-and-trade contracts for the deal to work, as they both are restricted free agents.

Nuggets-Kings deal— Camby and 20th pick for Ron Artest and Shelden Williams

The Nuggets finally get Ron Artest, learning the hard way in the playoffs after not aquiring the lock-down defender at the deadline. Shelden Williams is built like a brick wall and will be able to fight for rebounds and put a body on opponents in the paint. 

Denver receives two outstanding defenders that will be the cornerstones of their team for the 2008-09 season.

The Kings have the 12th pick in the draft and are one of the youngest teams in the NBA. Sac-Town is only a few pieces away from being a playoff-bound team.

Sacramento can do a number of things with the incoming 20th pick: Instantly trade the draft pick to a team in need of an extra pick, or to a team also in a rebuilding phase and gain that special veteran.

They could also use the pick to draft another potential superstar

Nuggets-Bulls deal—Camby for Larry Hughes

What's in it for the Bulls you ask? Camby becomes the new anchor of a non-existent defense. No offense, but Aaron Gray and Joakim Noah weren't exactly Ben Wallace in the post. 

The Nuggets get one of the best perimeter defenders in the league and a good scorer who can still average 20 points for a season, i.e. Larry Hughes. However, the Nuggets would sink even deeper into salary cap quicksand.

What will happen to Marcus Camby remains the question.