Dream FW GP: Why Joe Warren Is Unstoppable

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst IAugust 27, 2009

Joe Warren is a world champion Greco Roman wrestler. He was at the pinnacle of his sport, and there was nothing really left to accomplish, except maybe earning an Olympic medal.

However, Warren is not the type of guy to just sit back and call it a day. Instead, he set his eyes on Japan.

Warren is not your typical wrestler, though. His aggression is renowned, and his relentless pace makes him a handful for anyone. This is why it was so shocking when no one gave Warren the respect he desrved when he bust onto the scene against Chase Beebe.

Baptised by fire he was given the much experiened Beebe, who had just fought for the WEC crown only a little less than a year prior, Warren beat him to a pulp until the doctor had to step in to save him after the first round.

It seemed he was getting some recognition then, but he unfortunately had to face tournament favorite Kid Yamamoto. Yamamoto had been on a rampage, tearing up the competition. Warren was unphased. He stepped into the fight, showed great chin, and took down Yamamoto at will. He pounded him out to a decision victory and looked extremely impressive.

Now, Warren has had months to train at Xtreme Couture and has learned the ins and out of the game. The FW division better be aware, because a bigger and badder Warren is coming to the table next time.

With an amped up sub defense and better striking, Warren can control the fight in any facet.

His next opponent is Biiano Fernandes. A BJJ wizard, Bibiano may seem like a stylistic disadvantage for Joe, but not to be. Since Joe is the most highly-decorated wrestler in MMA today, and the most so since Rulon Gardner, he is basically impossible to take down.

Not to mention, Yamamoto had already smashed Bibiano. This bodes well for Warren, as he will most likely have the striking edge after his time at Xtreme Couture.

The final will pit him against either Tokoro or Takaya. Takaya is known for his striking, while Tokoro is known for his unorthodox submissions. Tokoro is a heavy favorite in that battle and is expected to win.

If he takes on Warren in the final, his only hope is his crazy submissions, but Warren's quick reactions and strength should prevent any fluke win. Therefore, Warren is the easy winner.

With more credentials than any wrestler that has come to MMA in years--more than Couture, Coleman, Henderson, Fitch, Hughes, etc.--Warren will be a tall order for anyone to handle.

Simply put, he's unstoppable.