Welcome to the 2009 USA Rugby All Star Sevens - LIVE scores by YSC

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Welcome to the 2009 USA Rugby All Star Sevens - LIVE scores by YSC
(Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)
Welcome to the 2009 USA Rugby All Star Sevens

I have a few players that are helping send in scores...but the more the merrier! Please feel free to text me scores, pictures, details, etc. at 405.802.2490!

They just announced that some of the games will be available to watch online

Welcome to New York!

On behalf of Metropolitan New York Rugby Union’s Host Committee, I am happy to welcome USA Rugby and its All Star Sevens Tournament to New York. This website will be the central resource for information before, during, and after the tournament.

The competition will be held on new high-quality artificial turf fields on Randall’s Island. We worked with New York City government to ensure these and other fields fit regulation rugby dimensions, markings and goal posts.

Both the match field and a warm-up field are dedicated to the tournament all day on Saturday, August 29 and on Sunday, August 30th. One field is available for practice from 1-6 pm on Thursday, August 27 and Friday, August 28th.

A charity rugby match between the New York City Fire Department and the New York City Police Department will be held on Saturday on an adjacent field. Information about the facilities is posted here.

There will be bleachers, tents, port-o-johns, food service, a videotaping service and medical professionals on call at the tournament site.

We have reserved blocks of hotel rooms at the Marriott East Side, located at Lexington Avenue at 51st Street in Manhattan and at the Fitzpatrick Hotels at East 44th Street and East 57th Street. Details and discount codes are located here.

We plan to update this website with results from the tournament. Subscribers to Facebook and Twitter can stay up to date with results and social events. We will be issuing all the usual publicity to media outlets in the area as well.

Welcome to New York, we hope you enjoy your visit, and look forward to hosting USA Rugby and its All Stars in future.


Mere Baker/Washington
Stacy Bennett/NOVA
Elizabeth Black/NOVA
Brenna Costello/Washington 

Dana Creager/NOVA 

CJ Hildreth/NOVA 

Lauren Hoeck/NOVA 

Katie Miller/NOVA 

Elizabeth Noto/Washington
Emily Record/Philadelphia 

Elizabeth White/Washington

Coach: Nancy Fitz

Craig, Maggie/Chicago North Shore

Freidheim, Alison/Chicago North Shore
Helmer, Nicole/Chicago Women

Jarem, Steph/Chicago North Shore

Jones, Chalene/Grand Valley State University Women
Limberg, Jackie/Wisconsin Women

Lui, Jenny/Chicago North Shore

Meyer, Katie/Wisconsin Women
Neuens, Corrie/Chicago Women

Tjosvold, Colleen/Twin City Amazons

Torii, Devin/Chicago North Shore

Coach: John McGeachy

Ida Bernstein/Keystone

Rebecca Brafman/NYRFC
Kate M Daley/Keystone

Katy Dowty/Beantown

Jenna Flateman/NYRF
Daniela Mogro/NYRFC 

Maria Muscara/NYRFC 

Alison Price/NYRFC 

Ines Rodriguez/Keystone
Jen Sinkler/Keystone

JoAnne Ward/Albany 

Dana Wasserman/Suffolk

Coach: Chris Ryan

Ruth Bryson/Berkeley All Blues 

Elaine Gardner/Berkeley All Blues 

Maddy Glainyk/At large 

Kelly Griffin/Berkeley All Blues 

Hillary Hegener/Berkeley All Blues 

Allyson Hemstreet/Berkeley All Blues 

Ardia Kelker/San Francisco Fog 

Erin Kobashigawa/Berkeley All Blues 

Katrina Logan/Berkeley All Blues 

Elaine Schlarbe/ORSU 

Lee Salgado/At Large 

Jossy Tseng/Berkeley All Blues

Coach: Laura Cabrera

Annie Antar/Atlanta Harlequins 

Leah Barnes/Atlanta Harlequins
Corrie Coates/Florida State University
Julie Freese/Charleston

Patty Jervey/Atlanta Harlequins
Tasha Mannino-Dickson/Atlanta Harlequins

Ashley Mitchell/University of Central Florida

Pat Neder/Atlanta Harlequins
Cara Nocero/Atlanta Harlequins

Danielle O’Mahoney/Auburn University

Lindsey Stephenson/Orlando

Becky Urion/Orlando

Coach: Mike May

Bagley, Meredith/Austin Valkyries 

Coder, Penny/St Louis Sabres 

Gregorich, Claire/Glendale 

Kuchar, Jennifer/St Louis Sabres 

Lucia, Jessica/Colorado University 

Nelson, Jennifer/Kansas City Jazz 

Pavao, Kathryn/Glendale 

Pheil, Christiane/Colorado University 

Ruiz, Kandis/Kansas City Jazz 

Swenton, Jennifer/Houston 

Whitman, Heidi/Austin Valkyries

Coach: Laura Hertel

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