2 GIANT JC DL, Possible Alabama Recruits: James Carmon and Wayne Dorsey

Joshua HayesContributor IAugust 27, 2009


James Carmon is a HUGE Defensive Tackle who I think could be the next Terrence Cody. He will be a Junior College transfer for the upcoming recruiting class, he currently attends Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in Perkinston, Mississippi, the same Community College TC  attended.  Scout.com has this Mammoth at 6” 7” 370 pounds, that’s about the same weight as Mount Cody but TC is only 6” 5”.

Even though he is from Baltimore, MD his top three schools are Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Alabama ( in no particular order) he also has scholarship offers from South Florida, Tennessee, and Tulsa. I like Alabama ‘s chances with Carmon, its obvious he would fit into Nick Sabans 3-4 scheme and with his size he could wreak havoc just like Terrance Cody does. He would be able to step in right after TC leaves for the NFL. There is not that much info out there about this guy, and not many people seem to be talking about him, I don’t understand why with what TC has done at Alabama and the obvious similarities between them. there maybe something I am missing but from what I know I would LOVE to ad this 4 star DT (Scout.com) to this years recruiting class.


Another JC recruit who I think would have an immediate impact is fellow Gulf Coast Community College and high school player from Baltimore, MD,  Wayne Dorsey. He is James Carmon’s roommate and close friend. He is a  6” 8”, 255 pound Defensive End according to scout.com, he is ranked as a 5 star prospect. In a interview with Yancy Porter he was asked what his strengths are: "Getting after the QB. That is what I love to do. Get on the edge and come after you”. This is something I believe the DL for Alabama lacks at the moment even though we do have some players who could step up this year.

As a freshman he had  10 ½ sacks without even starting a single game, he believes he can lead the country in sacks this year now that he is starting. Alabama is yet to offer him a scholarship, (not sure why) but he still has them in his 7 schools he is considering, he has 5 scholarship offers (Ole Miss, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Auburn, and Michigan) from his top 7 and the other 2 school who he is considering that have yet to offer is Alabama and Georgia but unless we offer soon im afraid we will no longer be considered. Wayne Dorsey made the comment that he would like to play for a NC caliber team and out of all these fine programs Alabama I believe has the best chance of taking him to a NC, and that is why he is still considering us.He was committed to Virgina Tech out of high school in 07, but never was cleared to play for unknown reasons.


There maybe something I am missing but from what I know I would LOVE to ad these young men to this years recruiting class. BTW both of these players will be attending the Ole Miss vs Alabama game, I believe it would make a HUGE impression on them if we came in to Oxford and showed them why they should choose Alabama.

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