Pitt Athletic Department Reports High Season Ticket Sales

Paul SieversAnalyst IAugust 26, 2009

Okay, maybe there was a reason I only lasted seven weeks as a salesman.

Two weeks ago I killed the Pitt athletic department for its family tailgate idea. I still believe that Pitt tries to sanitize football Saturdays a little too much.

If football environments had movie ratings, Pitt home games are rated PG. I think that its athletic department would want to see that rating down to a G, while I would argue that college football is at its best when the crowd is at a PG-13.

I digress.

In my blog post two weeks ago, I argued that the Pitt athletic department was too busy focusing their attention on inane things like the family tailgate, and not focusing enough on trying to bring fresh blood into the stadium.

Yesterday, Dale Grdnic (my God, six letters, one vowel) of scout.com interviewed associate athletic director Chris Ferris.

According to Ferris, Pitt is on pace for the second highest total of season-ticket sales in school history. This is after the team lost standouts Shady McCoy and Chris Mckillop.

Ferris went on to say that the team could sell out their entire allotment of season tickets like they did in 2003.

So, it looks like there will actually be butts in the seats this season. It remains to be seen how many of these people will show up to any game other than the Notre Dame game. It also remains to be seen how many fans are in to the game and how many sit on their hands for three hours. Student turnout is also a big unknown.

Until we know the answers to these questions though, we have to tip our hat to the athletic department. They sold the tickets. They're right, and I'm wrong and because I'm wrong, there won't be another marketing post until the start of the season.

Because tickets are being sold, the on-field product becomes that much more important. If Pitt can win a conference title in front of a relatively full stadium, it will build a ton of momentum for future seasons.

The pieces are starting to come together for what could be a pretty special fall. I'm cautiously optimistic.

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