For The Dallas Mavericks: It's Now Or Never

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For The Dallas Mavericks:  It's Now Or Never

Time is running out for the Dallas Mavericks.

Everybody knows it.  NBA analysts know it.  Sir Charles knows it.  Dirk knows it.  J-Kidd knows it.  The Matrix knows it.  JET knows it.  Mark Cuban knows it.  Kobe and LeBron know it.  David Stern knows it.  You and I know it.  Even your mother knows it.

Time is also running out for some of these Maverick players to solidify their legacy.

Jason Kidd is third all-time in assists with 10,199 and is looking to switch places with Mark Jackson (2nd) in the 2009-2010 NBA season.  He is also third in all-time triple doubles.  But without a ring, Kidd's place in Springfield come Hall of Fame time will be a little bit emptier.

Dirk Nowitzki is known as the best shooting big man of all time.  He revolutionized the Power Forward position and is one of the main reasons so many NBA scouts travel to Europe now.  Sadly, without a ring Nowitzki will be considered a choke-artist and soft Euro player.

Jason Terry and Shawn Marion are also two players that are on the wrong side of 30 and this run with the Mavs will probably be their last run at the fame and glory.

Josh Howard isn't much younger at 29.

Fortunately, this upcoming year gives Mavs' fans hope.  There have been a number of great additions to an already solid 50-win team.

Thanks to an ever-so generous owner, the Dallas Mavericks have gone over the salary cap to retain and gain several players.  Shawn Marion, Drew Gooden, and Tim Thomas are some of the names that will be sporting blue and white uniforms this year.

Unfortunately, the problem is that the West has gotten stronger.  The Portland Trailblazers, San Antonio Spurs, and Los Angeles Lakers have all added impressive pieces this off-season.

Despite Dallas having a solid off-season themselves, their offseason has been overshadowed and less applaused than the previosuly mentioned teams.

Imagine if Andre Miller stayed with Philadelphia, Ron Artest resigned with Houston, Richard Jefferson's contract was kept by Milwaukee, but the Dallas offseason still happened.  Suddenly, the Mavs would have looked like quite a superpower.

But alas, it was not so.

Still, the Mavericks should not sit there and sulk.  They must rise for the challenge of being slight underdogs in the West.  They should feel confident in themselves just as if those player transactions described above had actually happened.

The reason why is because this Mavs team is the most talented team that Dallas has ever boasted.  For a team that is two years removed from a 67-win season, that is quite remarkable.  Is that enough to win the ring?

I don't know.  But what i do know is that their reputation depends on it.

Honestly, the Mavericks players are some of the most criticized bunch in the NBA.

Kidd has been said to be a coach-killer and a washed-up trade that shouldn't have ever happened.

Terry has been looked down upon for his lack of being able to play the point.  That forces teams to play him at the two-guard, which translates into a defensive mismatch against most taller, stronger two-guards.

Dampier is bashed on for being overpaid and unproductive.

Howard is seen as a bone-head trouble maker that likes to admit to smoking weed, get arrested for drag racing, and throw birthday parties when his ballclub is about to be eliminated from the playoffs.

Marion is now being criticized of being overhyped and unable to produce on a normal tempo basketball team.

Nowitkzi, as you all know, is labeled soft, being a choker, and not fit for being a leader.

Cuban is seen as a complaining fool who doesn't know how to spend his money.

All this can change if the Mavs can get the gold this upcoming season.  These pety arguments will fade away as the Mavs take a piece of histoy.

It's now or never.

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