Tyson Kidd: A Bright But Uncertain Future

Matthew HesterSenior Writer INovember 17, 2016

Hello everyone. As always, I would like to thank all of you once again for joining me today.


Looking at the current rosters in the WWE, I have to say it looks like an impressive lineup. How bad can things be when you have guys like Jericho, Orton, Cena, HHH, and HBK as your top vets?


Even the mid carders are solid for the most part. What I am impressed with the most though is the younger guys coming up. Now when I say younger I mean guys in there 20 to 30s.


We have guys like Morrison, Swagger, David Hart Smith, Tyler Reks; just to name a few. The future I have to say looks very bright indeed. There is one wrestler that impresses me a lot though.


He isn’t the biggest guy on the roster but that shouldn’t hold him back. After all they put the strap on Jeff Hardy three times. He can also sometimes be just a little on the annoying side.


That’s all right also; there have been many wrestlers have annoyed the hell out of me from time to time. I used to cringe after hearing Rick flair say WOOOHHOOOO every two seconds.


The wrestler I am referring to is TJ Wilson, also known too most as Tyson Kidd. Wilson has a ton of potential and a very bright future. Whether that future is with the WWE; that still remains to be seen.


Where ever his career takes him though I am sure success will follow. I have watched his career for a while now. I will be honest with you, as impressed as I was with him in FCW; I wasn’t too sure how he would do in the big leagues.


It seems like he is handling things fine though, which is nice to see. He has great ring awareness and is a fine ring worker. I don’t want to go crazy but I think he even has a shade of Bret Hart in him.


If you think I am crazy then watch some of Bret’s old matches. There are a few different moves that Wilson pulls off just like Bret. I don’t know if will ever have a career like his but the similarities in style are there.


I do have a few concerns about kid’s career though. I am not sure if the WWE will know how to use a guy like him. He is a pure mat worker through and through and I don’t know if the WWE wants that anymore.


While he is a annoying little bugger as far as his heel act. I also think he lacks that flash that the WWE is so in love with. I hope I am wrong on these points but that is just how I feel.


I am also starting to worry about the lack of promo skills that we see out of Wilson. Now I know that he isn’t getting a lot of time on the stick. The problem is what little time he does get he seems to come off as bland.


This is something that can be worked on down the road though. He still has plenty of time in his career to work on it. I was just hoping that in this stage he would be a little more solid in that area.


Out of all the upcoming talent he is the one I am most excited about, and also at the same time worried about. I really would like to see this kid make it big on the wrestling world. I guess it’s a matter of time to see if he comes thru or not.


Maybe it's me, but I am usually looking at things with the glass half empty concept. My worries can be nothing more than hot air. I do think though that I have made some valid points regarding this young man.


I have no doubt he will always have a secure future in wrestling. A good worker his hard to come by and will always have work. If he doesn’t improve in the above mentioned areas he will always be trapped in mid card limbo.


I just don’t want to see him become the next Shelton Benjamin.


I would like to thank you again for spending some time with me today.

As always, have a safe and blessed day.