Rubio Signing a 6 Year Deal With FC Barcelona?

Ticket BoyContributor IAugust 26, 2009

BEIJING - AUGUST 10:  Ricky Rubio #6 of Spain looks on while taking on Greece during the day 2 preliminary game at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in the Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium on August 10, 2008 in Beijing, China.  (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

A spanish website named is reporting that Ricky Rubio is signing a 6 year deal with Spanish basketball club, FC Barcelona. Barcelona has reportedly payed about $5.3 million towards the buyout, which is reportedly the largest amount payed for any player in European basketball history.

The agreement that Rubio signed has an escape clause for 2011 with an affordable buyout. Unfortunatly, for many Wolves fans, including myself, this news looks real and it seems that Rubio could be staying in Spain for a couple of more years. But, on the contrary, I advise fans not to take this too close to the heart because news like this has come out before and those have been proven false, the only problem is that this one looks like it has more truth to it, it has quotes from people assosciated with the Spanish basketball club. The Website also said that this could be made official within a few hours or as long as a few weeks.

When I first read this news I was shocked and very disappointed, I was thinking the same thing I think everytime something bad happens to this organization. I get mad, because we seem to be the unlukiest organization in the world, and it seems that nothing ever goes right for us.

But being the unbridled optemist that I am I started to look at all the goo that could come out of it.

Jonny Flynn

First of all, if this news is true, it allows us to see what Jonny Flynn can really do in this league. When we drafted him on that wonderful day, I actually disliked him a lot, becauseI kept on thinking that he was the reason that Rubio did not want to play here. But then I saw him speak in a couple of news conferences, and I started to become really fond of this guy.

It seems like he is truly grateful that he is even in the league, and he isn't pouting about not getting picked higher, or that he has to play in a place where it is really cold, and it is also a very small media market.

Then I saw him play, and I became an even bigger fan of him. Whenever Jonny Flynn is on the floor, his presence is felt. He is always talking to his teamates and making sure they are where they need to be. The other part I love about his game is that, he is kind of like the old Allen Iverson, where he doesn't really care about his body, he will keep on driving that lane, and he will find his teammates for easy buckets.

All in all, I love this guys attitude and I think that he has the potential to be a very special player in this league.

Ricky Rubio

Let me just say one thing, I am a huge fan of Ricky Rubio, and I love his game, and I just think that he has possibly the best portential of any player in this years draft. That being said, I wouldn't mind him playing in Spain for a couple of years. Why? Well, mostly becaus I really want to see what Flynn has, but also because I know that player can grow alot in two years, especially someone as young as Ricky.

Let me give you an example, didn't Lebron look really skinny, when he cam out of high school to join the NBA? His game was also not as polished and he had a few things to learn about the game. Well two years later, he made up that muscle and he getting the game really well. That is what I think Rubio can doif he really works at it. I think that he can easily gain 15-20 pounds of muscle, and he can fix his form on his jumper, and most importantly learn how to run a team better than DKV Joventut.

The other thing that I also like also is that we will still have him locked up for five years but instead of having him from 18-23, we will have him from 20-25, which is closer to his prime years, and that is a very good thing for us.


All of the Facts that I have in this subject are from I advise all fans to take any news not coming from Ricky Rubio, DKV Joventut, the Minnesota Timberwolves, or another Spanish team, with a grain of salt.