Arsenal: Lets Not Get Too Carried Away

Ben OakfordContributor IAugust 26, 2009

Despite the fantastic performances and the flying start to the season, I think it's important for us, the Arsenal fans, to be realistic.

The season has started brilliantly: our football has illuminated the league and our players are all performing, and with important players still to return our prospects for the season; it looks very bright indeed.

The pitfall, however, lies in past experiences— Robin Van Persie, Cesc, Rosicky, Diaby, and Eduardo among others, are all supremley gifted players, but they are known to pick up a few knocks throughout the season and despite the talent of the players coming through the ranks, coupled with their ethusiasm, the age old saying applies, you can't win anything with kids.

Our team is not a team short of experience, most of the players have been been playing together for at least four seasons now, and players such as Van Persie, Gallas, Cesc, Almunia, Sagna, Clichy, Eduardo, Arshavin have all played at the top level for a number of seasons now; they are proven internationals and its time for them to deliver.

For this reason I believe it's vital that we wait until we are ten games into the season before we start shouting from the roofs about how we are going to win the title. Granted, the team are receiving the deserved plaudits for the stunning start, but we still conceeded two weak goals which to me looked like a lack of concentration.

Vermaelen has been a revelation and he's bringing the best out of Gallas and the other defenders around him, but once again, we need to see the consistency before we succumb to the Media plaudits, as this is the same media that all but wrote us off at the beggining of the season and at the first sign of a crack will jump back into their familiar ways. Granted, we have arguably the best attacking force in the league, and in Arshavin we have what the spaniards would call a 'Crack' player, a genuine game-changer, a player who can do it on his own.

For the first time since Pires, Henry, Bergkamp, Ljungberg etc, we have a number of players who are difficult to stop and we are seeing goals from midfield. But again, we need to be realistic.

Consistency is key.

The team that performs best over the 38 games will win the league. The best team always wins, and after ten games we will have played both the Manchester teams as well as Everton, Pompey, Celtic and Spurs. We will have a much better idea of how our season is going to pan out after having played rivals and seen how our players have responded to the pressure and strain of the season. Hopefully, this season, St Andrews will not be the beggining of the end.

Until then let's enjoy the start, cheer on the Gunners and ignore the media. This is our team and we know them better than anyone else.