Georgia: 2009 Prediction By Game

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2009

September 5, Oklahoma State; Some call it a shoot out game. The problem is Matthew Stafford isn't around to pull out his pistol. A cowboy usually is packing heat and this team is no exception. Returning starters Zac Robinson, Dez Bryant and Kendall Hunter keep the dogs one step behind. ----- L

September 12, South Carolina; After licking their wounds and figuring out that they have the discipline and the offensive talent, UGA lays a whipping on Spurrier. Oh, and don't say the Gamecocks always keep it close. On average, at home, the Dawgs usually double the Cocks score.----- W

September 19, Arkansas; The Razorbacks have been disputed as the "dark horse" of the Western division, and for good reason. However, those reasons are not going to apply upon taking a bi-week after only one game. ----- W


September 26; Arizona State; The Sun Devils will come between The Hedges after playing two non-consequential teams. Even though ASU almost beat the Bengal Tigers in Death Valley back in 2005 this game will not be near as close, unless somebody looks ahead(?). ----- W


October 3, LSU; Chavis is licking his chops about this game (and a lot of chops he has). With a more talented and deep defense and a chip on his shoulder against the VOLS, John makes sure that he doesn't play his guys soft on 3rd and 5. ----- L


October 10, Tennessee; Though Lane Kiffin has smack-talked a few heralded SEC coaches, I don't recall him trying to lay it down on Richt. UT just doesn't have enough offensive talent to match up to this game. ----- W


October 17, Vanderbilt; Bobby Johnson and the boys give it all they got for Homecoming but it just isn't enough.----- W


October 31, Florida; A bi-week and  end zone celebrations can create an upset. If I was a betting man I would say you would have that for this game. Why not, it can't hurt? Except maybe next year. And really, if UGA could win one every other year that could make it acceptable. However, Tebow "is on a mission from God."----- L


November 7, Tennessee Tech;  A good tune up game in order to get your head back in that winning mode.----- W


November 14, Auburn; Well, I'll be damned! College football's "Oldest Rivalry" hits a milestone. For those of you who don't know it, the series is tide 49-49-6 thanks in part to UGA's past three straight victories. Auburn comes in thin on defense, light in the Quarterbacking department, and overzealous on the playbook. 50-49-6 and the Dawgs extend the streak to four.----- W


November 21, Kentucky; Fortunately for UGA, Kentucky is looking ahead to UT. 25 years is a long time to go without a win.----- W


November 28, Georgia Tech; 400+ yards of rushing last year on the Georgia defense? You couldn't see that triple option coming a mile away? This time UGA have had a 1000 miles to think about it. If they lose this game they are in danger of potentially looking at a bowl game which will lull them to sleep. And, that would make for a messy 8-5 season. But, it is not going to happen. Loss averted, bowl game won, and the Dawgs once again have a 10 win season.----- W


The bright side to this team is the fact that even though discipline on defense was a huge factor and the injury bug took down some 20 players last season they still managed to win 10 games.


Think if they are healthy, motivated, and disciplined what could happen.