Lleyton Hewitt Indulges in a Side Hobby (Humor)

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Lleyton Hewitt Indulges in a Side Hobby (Humor)
(Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

In some smoky Sydney blues bar, Lleyton Hewitt was getting ready for an open mic night where all kinds of novice musical acts take to the stage. Some were great and some were bad Karaoke at best.

Hewitt, equipped with only an acoustic 12-string took to the stage. At first the audience did not realize or recognize the tennis star.

"G'day mates. Want to sing a song 'bout my life and how it's been going lately."


Oll ma troubles seemed so faar awaiiii

Now it looks as though there here to staiii

Oy, I believe in yasterdaiii

Suddenlie, Federer's wrath rained down on mieee

Didn't know what the f*** had hit mieee

Oy, I beloive in yasterdaii

Whoy, e had to win, it's a sin but that's the waiii

I cry every noight, it ain't roight, let's call it a daiiii

Yasterday! Tennis was such an easy game to plaiii

Now, my 'ip is goin on its own waiii

Oh, I beloive in yasterdayy!!


Crowd erupts into large applause and a new star in music is born.

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