Survivor Series: The Dream Begins!

anonymous guyCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2009


Anyway I'm writing this article because due to the fact that Summerslam and Raw just took place, I've noticed a few things here and there.


First off I would like to say that during Summerslam, I actually for the first time in a very long time had an enjoyable experience with WWE programming.

But, I just cant say the same thing for Raw the following night. It started of with the Vince McMahon 84th, no 74th, no 64th birthday extravaganza!

All of the greats were there, the Las Vegas Showgirls, Big Dick Johnson, Michael Cole, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Lilian Garcia, and the amazingly wonderful, never gets old, the best of the best, D-X!

(I guess I'm putting a little too much on that aspect, huh?)

The Warrior Chavo Guerrero was used as Hornswoggle's playpen, again! Floyd Mayweather brought his whole family and their friends with him so that he wont be tossed half-way around the ring by the Big Show! We had a very horrible divas match-up!... Yeah...

And oh yeah, DX, Cena, and McMahon overthrew the Legacy again!

Raw was the greatest show on earth last night.


The WWE Universe were introduced to the younger brother of Ted DiBiase Jr., Brett DiBiase. Now I dont know too much about the guy, but that he is a third-generation superstar and that he does have some good timing by saving Orton's ass!

At the end of Raw, we all saw the power that DX, Cena, and the McMahons possessed, so I was thinking, how will Orton keep his title at Breaking Point if no one can interfere on his behalf, and that he along with Legacy in its truest form is outnumbered.

So why not add Brett into the mix along with someone with power. Most would think that a McMahon would be a great fit, but why not use Eric Bischoff.

The guy doesn't have a job, nor has he completely severed his ties with the McMahon family, so why not recycle the Alliance vs. WWE feud heading into Survivor Series!

Hear me out guys:

Orton is already pissed due to the fact that McMahon has pinned him. He is completely outnumbered with the boss, and three main event stars, so what is he to do, allow Brett to join the group.

Then one night, lets say after Orton allows Brett to join, out comes Mr. McMahon. He comes out and gets into the ring with a huge smile on his face and says that tonight he has hand picked a celebrity host for this evening and before that man comes out, McMahon directs everyone's attention to the titantron.

The video shows Orton delivering a huge RKO on then GM Eric Bischoff. As soon as the video ends, Eric comes out and says that he has yet to pay Orton back for the disrespect that Orton showed him that evening, so he makes a handicap no disqualification match for the main event involving him along with DX vs Orton.

The main event begins and Orton is getting destroyed and all of a sudden Legacy comes out and they beat down DX. Ted handcuffs HBK to the top rope and begins to beat him with the steel chair while Brett and Cody stomps a mudhole into Triple H. Orton gains his composure and delivers a RKO to Triple H.

Then all of Legacy begins to slowly stalk Bischoff.

All of a sudden of course here comes Cena. He begins to clean house and Legacy begins to retreat up the ramp. Cena is standing in the middle of the ring and doing his usual fighting stance and yelling for Legacy to come back into the ring. Bischoff stands up and low-blows Cena.

Legacy runs back down to the ring and destroys Cena and DX. After Orton delivers his final RKO to Cena, all five guys raise their hands in victory, Orton, Bishoff, Rhodes, and the Dibiase's. The show goes off of the air.

The following week Bischoff announces that he along with Legacy "persuaded" Steph and Linda McMahon to sell him their half of the WWE, so now Bischoff owns 50% of the company.

He also announces that he and Orton have been discussing this takeover ever since Orton punted Vince in the skull.

This would begin the war between McMahon and Bishoff 2!

This would be extremely believable due to the fact that Bischoff at the beginning of the year was talking about having a promotion that competes with WWE so the media would also be intrigued by this certain twist. Not only that, but it would end the celebrity host storyline in the company.

Along with this storyline, the lockerrooms on all three shows would be split in two. We would have surprise jumps from show to show, face to heel and vice-versa. I think this would be an amazing storyline for the company to have just to freshen up the company a bit more.

It would also have some breakout stars in this storyline like:

1. MVP

2. John Morrison

3. Jack Swagger

4. Dolph Ziggler

5. Kofi Kingston

6. Legacy


Also just for dream's sake, Bischoff's first act as half owner of WWE, he would end the PG era!