Lou Holtz Has Overstayed His Welcome As an Analyst

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Lou Holtz Has Overstayed His Welcome As an Analyst
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For the past few years college football fans have been praying for ESPN to flash across the sportsticker, at the bottom of the screen, an announcement of Lou Holtz's retirement as an analyst.

Every week fans watch ESPN to see analysts break down the upcoming matchups. We normally wait to see what Kirk Herbstreet has to say, since you can tell by the way he breaks them down that he has done his homework. He also picks who he thinks will win in an unbias way. Holtz is the exact opposite. You can bet your hard earned dollar that if Notre Dame is playing that week that he is going to pick them to win, regardless of who they are playing that week.

This example was taken to a whole new level earlier this week. Holtz was asked to predict who he thought would be playing in the BCS national championship at the end of the year. His response has had football fans laughing and calling him everything but a genius. He picked Notre Dame to play Florida for all of the marbles. My first initial thought was "what an idiot!" It then had me honestly wondering why ESPN still has him on their station. Although the Irish have a easier schedule than most, they are still the same team, for the most part, that went 7-6 and losing to a Syracuse team that was one of the worst in the nation. Not to mention that they would have to beat USC for the first time in years.

I do give Lou Holtz credit for being a good coach back in the day. You can't take away what he did at Notre Dame while he was there, but as an analyst he either just doesn't do enough research on the rest of the nation or he has been watching too many old videos of times when Notre Dame was a national contender. I think that it is time for ESPN to find someone else to argue with Mark May about who is going to win each game. Perhaps they can get Phillip Fulmer to fill the position.

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