Fantasy Football Top Five

Nathan VenegasCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2009

Running Backs

Adrian Peterson: This guy can have three bad quarters and then bust a pair of 50+ yard runs for scores. Having Favre there doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll get less carries but then again, Favre likes the west-coast offense which requires a RB that can catch the ball. Still, he’s a machine and there's no reason he shouldn’t be taken first…unless you’re a Bears fan like me.

Michael Turner: Stepping out of the shadow of Ladanian Tomlinson, Turner put up great numbers last season and this season should be even better. Tampa Bay has undergone a complete overhaul and no one knows what to expect form them. New Orleans has upgraded their defense but don't believe it until you see it, which leaves the only solid defense to be had in Carolina. So Turner should run wild, especially playing in domes and the warm NFC South.

Matt Forte: A skilled runner who can go between the tackles with the best of them, but the real value in Forte is his ability to catch the ball both out of the backfield and even line up out wide. Forte will ultimately benefit from having Jay Cutler around, as teams can’t stack up the box as much as they did at the end of last season. Forte is a match up nightmare for opposing teams and has higher value in ppr leagues.

Frank Gore: Mike Singletary is an old school guy and that means running the football. There isn’t a stout defense in the entire NFC West which means that if Gore can stay healthy he has the potential for a monster season.

DeAngelo Williams: To be perfectly honest I’m not sold on this guy just yet. He had a huge end of the year last year but prior to that he’s never ran for 1,000 in a season. Splitting carries with Jonathan Stewart could hurt his overall value but he has favorable match ups within his division.



Peyton Manning: He’s had a full training camp and preseason thus far and has a full arsenal at his disposal. Also, part of me thinks he wants his single season TD record back. Jim Caldwell is the new coach but he’s hardly a stranger to the system.

Drew Brees; Last season all of his weapons were out with injury at one point or another and he still almost broke the single season passing yard record. The lack of a solid defense means the Saints will have to put up a lot of points and Brees is more than up to the challenge.

Tom Brady: He’s back.

Donovan McNabb: Still doesn’t have the big go-to receiver but there are a lot of talented players in Philly. 

Tony Romo: No drama in Big D means Romo should be able to post big numbers again. The NFC East looks stacked with talented teams so putting up points will be crucial.


Wide Receivers

Reggie Wayne: He’s the number one guy, officially, in Indy.

Andre Johnson: The only issue this guy has is staying healthy. Which we’ll have no way of knowing on draft day so nab him if you can. Big, strong, fast and runs great routes. 

Larry Fitzgerald: I wonder how many negative comments I’ll get for not having him #1. He’s tall, strong and fast. I believe the Cards were a fluke last season and don’t expect much from them this season. Still you have to respects Fitzgerald’s ability.

Randy Moss: Brady’s back.

Steve Smith: Double Coverage, Triple Coverage, corners even with shotguns cannot cover this guy. He makes the catch no matter what.


Tight Ends

Jason Witten: He does what a tight end is supposed to do and does it well. Being Romo’s favorite target doesn’t hurt either.

Dallas Clark: I think all of the offensive weapons on the Colts will have huge years. Clark is no exception.

Tony Gonzalez: Aside from Cutler this trade was the acquisition of the off season. The Falcons now have a more potent passing game to go along with their formidable running game. Arguably the greatest tight end of all time gets to have at least one more stellar season.

Antonio Gates: I personally think he’s the best tight end of all-time. He can do it all. If the Chargers stay' focused and Tomlinson improves his poor attitude they should all post big numbers.

Greg Olsen: His numbers have grown since his rookie season and having Cutler almost guarantee’s he’ll do the same this season.


Kicker This category has always been tricky to me so take these suggestions with a grain of salt.

Jason Elam: I’m taking Elam more so because of where he kicks, the NFC South; warm weather cities and domes. The Falcons offense get better with the addition of Tony Gonzalez.

Stephen Gostkowski: The Pats are built to score. so Gostkowski is going to get a lot of opportunities.

David Akers: I think the Eagles will score the most points in the NFC East. 

Ryan Longwell: 10 dome games a season in the blustery NFC North.

John Carney: Another kicker who benefits from the NFC South locales.



New York Giants: The return of Osi Umenyiora gives an already talented defensive line some pop. Their defensive backs are a little iffy but with a good pass rush that won’t matter.

Pittsburgh Steelers: They were a little banged up last season and still ranked high in every defensive category.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens have made a team philosophy of creating turnovers.

Minnesota Vikings: Stout against the run and can rush the passer with the best of them.

Tennessee Titans: On the surface the loss of Albert Haynesworth hurts their value but they have enough defensive lineman to have a rotation to fill in for the big man.