Best Head Honchos in Baseball

Danny DevineCorrespondent IMay 19, 2008


There are openings every season in Major League Baseball for Managers. Every team is searching for the next coach that will lead them for many years to come.

What do the clubs look for?

Are they looking for a fiery manager like Sweet Lou or Ozzie Guillen.  Someone that can fire up a team in the blink of an eye? Or do teams need a calming personality like Joe Torre?

I know it depends on the players on your team, but the decision to hire a new manager can affect your organization for many years to come.

Based on all-around talents and how they teach the game, here is my list of the best managers in MLB right now.


1.      Bobby Cox-ATL

2.      Terry Francona-BOS

3.      Tony La Russa-STL

4.      Lou Piniella-CHC

5.      Joe Torre-LAD

6.      Jim Leyland- DET

7.      Mike Scioscia-LAA

8.      Ron Gardenhire- MIN

9.      Dusty Baker- CIN

10.    Charlie Manuel-PHI

11.    Ozzie Guillen-CHW

12.    Dave Trembley- BAL

13.    Willie Pandolph- NYM

14.    Joe Girardi- NYY

15.    Fredi Gonzalez- FLA

16.    Eric Wedge- CLE

17.    Clint Hurdle- COL

18.    Bob Melvin- ARI

19.    Joe Madden- TB

20.    Ned Yost- MIL

21.    Ron Washington- TEX

22.    Cecil Cooper- HOU

23.    John Gibbons- TOR

24.    Trey Hillman-KC

25.    Bob Green- OAK

26.    Bruce Bochy- SF

27.    Bud Black-SD

28.    Manny Acta- WAS

29.    John Russell- PIT

30.    John Mclaren-SEA


Best Motivator-Lou Piniella

He showed his motivation last season when he got ejected from a game and sparked the Cubs on a huge run.


Best Teacher-Bobby Cox

For longer than I can remember, Bobby has had his team in contention with great talent or without.  However, Ron Gardenhire is a very close second.


Best In-Game Adjustments-Tony La Russa

He will make that one move that will help his team become victorious.


Best player’s manager-Terry Francona

He keeps the wildest clubhouse in the history of the MLB contained—and wins World Championships.


Everyone on this list has earned their right to be a big league manager. They all know the game well and can teach it.

Some have more strength then others, but that’s life. Not every team can have a manager coach for 15 years.

A manager’s job is to put their players in the best position to allow the team to succeed—this is how I see the best of the best in order.