Missing in Action: NFL Edition

Joe WillettSenior Writer IMay 19, 2008

NFL Organized Team Activity Sessions, otherwise known as OTAs, are coming up. Some teams start next week, but some players aren't showing up.  There are contract disputes, franchise players that don't want to stay, and injuries that are keeping players from getting involved with teams.

The biggest problem is when a new player isn't involved in OTAs, which doesn't let them get much time with their new team.

Here are a few players that aren't ready to begin working out with their teams just yet.


Adam "Pacman" Jones, Dallas Cowboys

Obviously, everybody knows how the Pacman story has played out thus far.  However, he might be able to work out with the team soon. 

Commissioner Roger Goodell said he is not going to review the Pacman case until the owners meetings are done.  He also has said that he will try to collect any new information on Jones and that everything should be done by next Tuesday. 

Look forward to a possible meeting between the two, and then we'll find out if Jones is ready for training camp.


Marion Barber, Dallas Cowboys

Barber wants to be paid like a number one running back.  With the release of Julius Jones this summer, Barber was given the reigns and he thinks he deserves the money that most starters make. 

Although both sides are actively negotiating, neither side seems to be making the headway that they were hoping to make.  The Cowboys and Barber remain confident that a deal will eventually get done and Cowboys fans are hoping and praying that this doesn't find it's way into the regular season.


Ken Hamlin, Dallas Cowboys and Albert Haynesworth, Tennessee Titans

Hamlin is another Cowboy who isn't in training camp.  He was designated the franchise player this season, but he still hasn't accepted his franchise tag.  The same thing is happening in Tennessee with Albert Haynesworth. 

Neither player is really happy with being franchised and until they actually sign the contract, they aren't allowed in camp.


Brian Urlacher, Chicago Bears

Urlacher has never been a big fan of OTA's and usually does his own thing anyway.  This year is different. 

Urlacher wants a new contract and has stated that he isn't happy that the Bears are reluctant to give it to him.  Although they gave multiple contracts and extensions to other players, Urlacher never received his big contract. 

Urlacher has said that he will hold out because he sees an extension as a sign of respect, and is asking for a minimal raise.  This problem makes me a little angry with the Bears because he doesn't want much more money.  If you did it for Grossman and Orton, I think that Urlacher deserves it too.


I'm Joe W.

Information for this article was found on NFL.com