Jeff Hardy is Back Again: Does He Deserve Another Shot?

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IMay 19, 2008

Jeff Hardy made his comeback to Raw last Monday night. He won a huge match against MVP, one of WWE's top young stars. The question is:  why does he keep getting so many chances?

Hardy has long been an under-utilized talent in the WWE. He left a few years ago after battling drug problems and went on to flop in TNA.  He came back to a ton of fanfare and was given a solid initial push.  Hardy worked his way up to the brink of main event status, only to blow it with a 30-day suspension for a wellness program violation.

He was given another serious push upon his return and he received a main event pay per view shot against then WWE Champion Randy Orton. He looked good in a losing effort and stayed at the top of the card until his latest run-in with the wellness program.

Upon returning Monday, Hardy started to actually talk on the mic about his mistakes and getting another shot, when he was interrupted for gimmick purposes. The WWE should have let him talk. maybe he would have actually been sorry for his mistakes. Maybe he would have come off like Darryl Strawberry telling the fans this time he was really clean for good.

The curtain has been pulled back on Pro Wrestling for a long time now. For better or worse, we learn more of the real story about the wrestlers we see on T.V. each week.  No longer are we left to wonder why someone left a company.  It's almost instantly on the internet before the door shuts behind them.

Hardy has to know that this is his last chance.  He cannot keep screwing up and getting more chances.  He appears to be a guy who simply can't take the pressure of the main event and being a top earner for the company. Maybe he is self sabotaging his career so fans can always wonder what might have been instead of taking a chance and failing.

No one but Jeff hardy knows for sure but one thing is clear:  His act is wearing really thin, really fast.