Randy Orton's Legacy: What Does WWE Have in Store for Them Now?

No BodyCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2009

I wrote an article a while back similar to this where I planned out three different paths for Legacy. None of them happened, yet I am going to make another bold prediction as to where the Legacy of Randy Orton is headed now.

I'll start with SummerSlam.

Most people saw the Orton vs. Cena match had its share of ups and downs. I personally loved the crowd for this match. They gave John Cena so much heat. I said before the match that I wanted to see them go fist to fist, and when it happened, I was thrilled to hear Cena get booed so heavily.

The ending was kind of lame in my opinion. Orton tried to retain by DQ and countout, but Vince McMahon kept communicating with Lilian Garcia through telekinesis, telling her to restart the match.

After a number of restarts, Orton finally retained his title in a pinfall after a "fan" got involved and tried to choke out the ref. This fan is rumored to actually be Ted DiBiase's brother, Brett.

The fan incident was very well done in my opinion. Everyone I spoke with immediately after was convinced an actual fan had just gone crazy and run in there. It was not until the day after that I first heard rumors that it was in fact Brett.

So, with this brief introduction of Brett into the WWE Universe, how will future events play out? Here's what I see happening.

Randy Orton discovers the identity of his mystery helper and decides to seek him out. Being a second-generation superstar who is obviously willing to help Orton win at any cost, he would fit in perfectly with the theme of Legacy.

Legacy now would have a four-man stable, much more formidable than a three, and now maybe Priceless can get a win in before the year ends. However, this four-man stable won't last too much longer.

As I brought up in my previous article, Ted DiBiase needs to turn face before his new movie premieres. Having Brett join the group will give WWE their favorite storyline ever to do this: a brother vs. brother feud.

It must be an unwritten rule somewhere that all brothers must feud at some point in their career. Brett and Ted will most likely, at some point down the road, get pissed at each other and be unable to work together as a team.

In order to turn Ted face, Orton will have to be on the side of Brett. They may have a brother vs. brother match with the winner staying in Legacy, and Orton and Rhodes will make the decision to help Brett over Ted since he sees more potential in Brett.

If WWE does this right, they can have tensions rising for a few months and give way to a decent brother vs. brother feud. But I have faith that they'll manage to mess it up. If not, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for reading. Feedback is appreciated.