Six Day Matches May Lead To The Survival Of Test Cricket

Vishrut AggarwalCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2009

LONDON - AUGUST 23:  Steve Harmison of England celebrates the wicket of Stuart Clark of Australia with Alastair Cook during day four of the npower 5th Ashes Test Match between England and Australia at The Brit Oval on August 23, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

Its Going! Going slowly, but its going. It will be gone in a few years time. What am I talking about? Test Cricket of course!

Slow batting and five long days of watching. Who has the time? The young generation likes to watch smashing shots in the T20 and quick results in One Day Cricket. Test Cricket has no value these days. So according to me it will die after some years.

One of the main reasons this is increasing number of draws. People like to see results. People like to see their teams win. Even if their team loses they will enjoy the result in the match.

Usually when two evenly matched teams are playing, and one of them puts up a big score, the other also tries to pile up a huger total. So to complete two innings it takes nearly four days of sometimes more. Then there is only one day left and two innings cannot be completed in just a day. So the match results in a draw.

In case of a six day match, the teams will have more time to play and will play much more sensibly.

They will not lose hope if the see a gigantic total in front of them, their batsmen will not try to smash and lose their wickets. Try to smash, in Test cricket? Yes sometimes some batsmen try to score quick runs to take their team out of trouble or to save a match from ending in a draw.

Six day matches will be much more exciting. People won't be able to predict results easily. A team in a bad position, will be able to bounce back in the game and make the game more interesting.

Yes people these days do not have time to watch six long days of cricket. It will also tire out the players. But once everyone gets used to it, it will be very interesting and everyone will have a lot of fun.  

I have till today not witnessed a six day match in all my life. One was supposed to be played by the World XI team against Australia but it ended in just four days.

So my suggestion to the ICC is to have six day matches. It can start with a few to see if people enjoy it, and if it works then my suggestion is a good one but if it doesn't, then I will suggest something else.