Was Luca Just Rusty or Did They Swap His Car for a Fiat500?

Igbo TifosiContributor IAugust 25, 2009

VALENCIA, SPAIN - AUGUST 23:  Luca Badoer of Italy and Ferrari attends the drivers parade before the European Formula One Grand Prix at the Valencia Street Circuit on August 23, 2009, in Valencia, Spain.  (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Following the news of Schumacher’s aborted but  highly anticipated return to formula 1, one had feelings of great disappointment but was quickly replaced with hope that another old- head would take good care of Massa’s car. Trying to convince myself Ferrari still had a decent chance in getting some valuable points I looked up Luca Badoer’s record for some reassurance so on the surface he seems to  an experienced test driver and from the evidence had a lot to do with the Ferrari domination of past few years but nevertheless I had a bad feeling about this, and suffice to say the hope was dashed. So my nagging issues were “will he pickup from where Massa left?”, “will he embarrass the Tifosa?” and is there any substance to the sentiments that seem to suggest actual constant f1 racing experience is lost pretty quickly like was suggested about Michael’s come back albeit in this case for 10years?

Luca’s qualifying was such a disgrace I stopped watching his qualifying runs the sessions, the red car looked dreadfully awkward on the track and as a result came in at an outrageous 2.5secs behind the other prancing horse. You could squint hard enough to see it in black and white it is splitting image of a Minardi. The race was an eye opener and should indicate to Scuderia Ferrari that they need a driver reshuffle; a driver 1 and 2 situation something like Kimi and Massa to the 10th power which is my subtle way in hinting that the pre-mishap line-up were not aggressive enough but doesn’t mean they were rubbish.  We now find ourselves wishing Alonso could make it over with may be and this a complete guess Nicky Rosberg; just because he has demonstrated his ability to adapt and ride through hard times and improve in the good but never chickens out of a fight. He cool when things go wrong and would push Alonso hard just enough not to aggravate the Hamilton Achilles' heel and flashbacks.

 Did Ferrari really have no choice? The badly rumoured hire of the long-time Ferrari rival Fernando Alonso and 2 time world f1 champion from Renault is now looking rather appealing and has somehow allowed for forgiveness and the palatability which have merged from a by-product of desperation and disappointment. Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali indicated over the weekend  and just before the race that Ferrari is backing Luca all the way, he needs all the support and there is no advantage in discussing other driver options at this stage.

Ferrari have kept to their word so far and are not announcing a driver change which leaves me cold-sweating about Eau Rouge v Luca...