Heatley MVP Honours Bittersweet for Ottawa Fans

Joel DundasCorrespondent IMay 19, 2008

Canada fell silent Sunday afternoon, as fans watched Ilya Kovalchuk wrist a shot past Canadian goaltender Cam Ward to win gold at the World Championships. Canada was holding on to a 4-2 lead, but surrendered 2 quick goals in the last 10 minutes of action. A very unlucky flip over the glass put Canada down a player, which then gave way to Kovalchuk's game winner.

During the game however, Canadian forward Dany Heatley notched a goal and an assist. That goal for Heatley was his 12th of the tournament and set a Canadian record. That assist was Heatley's 20th point of the tournament which ties Canadian GM Steve Yzerman's record for most points by a Canadian in the tournament. This output of offence led the way to Heatley's second MVP honours at the tournament.

As an Ottawa fan I am happy to see one of my favourite players do well, but it also sparks the question: where was Heatley in the playoffs?

During the abbreviated playoff run for the Senators, Heatley recorded one assist in four games, and was a -5. It seems quite odd that a player can jump from being a playoff dud to Canadian stud at the World Championships and setting records that may not be broken in quite a while.

The tournament also showed a different side of Ottawa's star centre, Jason Spezza. Spezza was making plays that he would not normally attempt. He traded in the cute stick handling side he shows in Ottawa for a more uncharacteristic dump and chase.

This may be shedding light on the players' situation in Ottawa, and the possibility that they may not have been playing as hard or as fast as they could have been. Maybe players are not happy in the nations' capital.

This could also very likely be the influence of future hall of famer Steve Yzerman. It seems quite possible that Yzerman whipped both Heatley and Spezza into shape and taught them how they should be playing. It should be interesting to see next season whether or not Heatley and Spezza show up to play like they did in the playoffs or like they did at the Worlds.

Although it is disappointing for me as an Ottawa fan to see Heatley's lacklustre performance in the playoffs followed shortly by his record setting pace in Quebec, I am very happy to see him recieve a much deserved MVP honours for Canada.

It truly is a bittersweet moment for all Sens fans.