The Fixer:We Need to Get a New Transmission

Dustin SpeakerCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2009

Alright, guess its means Summerslam has come and gone since I'm back again to do my duty to point out failures. Through which I hope the industry will better itself.


Revival of the Cruiserweight Division

I am aware that when it was active, the division was a far cry from the one WCW ran. But we can thank the likes of Laurinaitis and others like him for helping run it into the ground.

I covered the fact the industry is evolving. And just like the larger species of whale ages ago, the big men are going to die out. There is a sea meant for the younger, smaller, and much more agile wrestlers. Now there may be some large wrestlers in the future, but we need less body builders, and actual men who went into wrestling and not into a speedo.

This evening when I was watching Raw, I saw Miz grab Santino by the neck and jump over the ropes. That, in the utter most essence is what people want to see. Not the victim of steroid abuse hitting nineteen spinebusters before using the Batista Bomb.

We could still have the title around, if it wasn't put on Hornswoggle, causing the title to immediately become worthless. But this is the WWE where guys under six feet are used to make the big men look strong. To this I have one thing to say...really!?

A man who is near seven feet tall, with a bunch of muscles, who can lift a serious amount of weight, needs to look strong, by beating a guy half his size, who barely weighs half of what they do. I'm failing to see the logic here.

Wouldn't it serve to make them look strong by beating someone that is actually closer in relative size? Yeah the Big Show or as we have called him Cena's personal jobber looks really impressive throwing Evan Bourne around the ring.

Now Im not a major fan of the big men facing the smaller ones because lets face, it they are bound to seriously injure one. Take for example, several months back, Mike Knox beat Jamie Noble, but seriously injured his neck. It isn't entertaining to be honest. What would be entertaining is to have cruiserweights face each other, it is what made WCW famous, it is TNA's claim to fame, the famous X-Division. 

So lets do the math, Evan Bourne Vs. Tyson Kidd=ratings, Evan Bourne Vs. Big Show=dullness.

Now to be honest, they had a chance to put Evan over by having him be in the six pack match at Night of Champions. But he was injured, by you guess it, the near five hundred pound giant hitting him with a spear.

Now with potential cruiserweight champions in this company why not reactivate it, but give it a name that works to make it something new.

Have an innaugural tournament, put the title on a legit cruiserweight, not a little person. Build up prestige and treat it as a world title for the smaller wrestlers. Because most of you can't believe them beating some big man for the current world titles. Also the title would be for all three brands, to make sure we know who is the best cruiserweight.


Title Prestige

The current switching of hands of the world heavyweight title has injured the prestige it should have. It is the top title of Smackdown, the title that should have the most regard. But the current swapping back and fourth is rediculous.

What was the point of Cena regaining the title at Wrestlemania, when he loses it a month later. What purpose does that serve? Other than proving the point that the title belts need to be made of kryptonite (that way Superman won't wear them so long), like his infamous near two year run.

Keep the title on Punk for at least a good run with the title. I'm all for Morrison getting his title reign. But Im also thinking about the future of the company.

While on the tangeant of title prestige, has anyone really looked at the WWE title? It looked proper with Superman's I mean Cena's reign when he was a rapper, but now it looks like a child's toy. Revert it back to the proper look, give it a degree of respect. It demands respect.

A world title needs to be respected, but as of late the titles are being disrespected. And now they have build up prestige again, Jeri-Show with the tag titles, Rey with the Intercontinental title, and the Divas title is being respected, but the Women's title and world heavyweight title need to have reigns, long ones, preferably with people with charisma.

I know people like Michelle McCool for her ring work, but the lady has no charisma, no real personality for people to boo or cheer. If she can work on that she will be able to carry the title and give it prestige. Sadly her claims that she is the best diva ever, because she's held both titles falls on deaf ears.

Every Diva she claimed she was better than, even though her claims are Kayfabe, had charisma. Charisma is the deciding factor in a big star and one who is just there. Right Carlito?

Titles need to have a great ammount of prestige to be taken seriously. But when they trade hands every month may as well have 24/7 rules active. Make the title change number as high as possible! I'm joking of course. Keep titles on someone for at least 3 months before letting the title drop for a while. Give the titles the respect they deserve.


In closing

There hasn't been too much bugging me about the WWE as of late. Sorry this version was solely about the WWE, but hey they're the big leagues, someone has to call 'em out. I will try and get out another with more issues at hand in the future, because there is a lot I have been working on.