San Francisco Giants: What Could Spell the End of the Giants' Season

Charlie BoatwrightContributor IAugust 25, 2009

There has only been one other time in memory in which I have felt this way after watching a game. No, not playing a game, I felt the same feeling millions of times after losing games, but rather watching it happen.

The first time was in 2002. As a 12-year-old kid, I was utterly demoralized after Game Six of the World Series and cried after Game Seven.

The other time was tonight.

The Giants took a 4-1 lead into the bottom of the 14th inning Monday night at Coors field. That's right, the bottom of the 14th. They ended up losing the game 6-4 thanks to a bases loaded walk followed shortly by a game winning grand slam off the bat of Ryan Spilborghs.

This ended the 11 game road trip for the Giants and possibly the series that has taken them out of the playoff race. They won the first game 6-3, and I had high hopes of potentially taking the Wild card lead from Colorado on their own turf!

Boy where those hopes high...

The Giants had their hearts and spirits broken in the next three games culminating with the 14th inning blow up.

On Saturday the Giants gave up 12 runs in two consecutive innings to blow a three run lead. On Sunday, the Rockies finally got to Lincecum in the seventh inning and a huge two-run home run put them up for the first time all day. And finally, an extra-inning walk off grand slam with what seemed like a sure win.

This series has been a serious punch to the gut. Since the game ended I have said few words, but have been bothered so much by this loss that I felt the need to write about it.

I am not going to put the blame on relievers Justin Miller, or Merkin Valdez, who combined gave up 15 runs in cumulative 1.1 IP in the series or even manager Bruce Bochy for putting them in rather then sticking with Branden Medders who at that point in the game was pitching with his heart.

There is no one to blame, they know what happened and I just hope Miller and Valdez will be able to pitch the rest of the season.

I have been watched almost every game the Giants have played this year and I will continue to do so, but the magic of the season has started to wear off...

Pablo Sandoval, our biggest bat comes out in the third with a strained calf. Our newly acquired second baseman, Freddy Sanchez, has been hurt since the beginning of the road trip and might see time on the DL.

The Giants have spent all of August wasting brilliant performances by Lincecum, Zito, and Cain.

This one really hurt.

It would take a real miracle to recover after a series like this.

That miracle pretty much rests in one man right now and his name is Matt Cain, and he knows it.

Tomorrow he will go to the mound to face fellow all star Dan Haren and the hapless Arizona Diamondbacks.

If Cain can pick this team up and carry them on his shoulders tomorrow I might regain hope for the season.

I'm exhausted and was too shell-shocked to sleep...all I can hope for now is a small miracle, and that a young team will have a short memory and get back on track.