Jeff Hardy-CM Punk: A Memorable Match, Punk Feels Taker's Death Grip

lee raydeanCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2009

Hey fans thanks for stopping by to read my article. It's much appreciated.

You all saw the match between CM Punk and Jeff Hardy at Summerslam. It's one that I will never forget. It was exciting but brutal.

It was the kind of match that kept you on the edge of your seat, keep you glued to your tv. And screaming if you were fortunate enough to see it in person.

Jeff sacrificed his body, his life, his well being in order to keep his belt and keep his fans happy.

Both wrestlers used tables, ladders and chairs. Jeff leaped off of a ladder and tried to swanton Punk who was laying on the table and moved. Jeff went through the table and was injured upon impact.

Punk pounced and started his attack. Since Punk has turned heel, he seems to be more aggressive, like a devil may care attitude and thinks he is above everyone else.

I'm not bashing Punk—he is a very talented wrestler, indeed. As far as his attitude and personality goes, he wouldn't win any contests.

There were moments when I thought these two were actually trying to kill each other and succeed at doing it. I thought one of them would be for sure.

Punk and Jeff both climbed the ladders to get to that belt that hung over the ring. One would be holding it and trying to unhook it and the other would knock the ladder over and whoever was on it at the time would come crashing unto the floor.

Jeff had Punk exactly where he wanted him, again, and spiraled off of the top of the ladder and succeeded this time. He connected using his body as a battering ram.

Both wrestlers were injured. Paramedics came out and put Jeff on a back board and in a neck brace. Punk somehow made it back into the ring. He could hardly stand and Jeff knew he was trying to climb the ladder to get the belt.

Hardy fought and got the neck brace off and wobbled, off balance into the ring. By this time, Punk was at the top and Jeff, by the Grace of God, Got to the top of the ladder and they exchanged blows.

Unfortunately, Jeff was knocked off the top of the ladder and landed on his back. Jeff was seriously injured. Punk got the belt then stood over Jeff smiling.

All of a sudden the lights go out and some familiar music starts playing. It was the music of the Phenom, the dead man, the Undertaker. The fans go crazy and you could feel a chill in the air.

The lights go on and unseen by Punk, the Undertaker was laying in the spot where Jeff was before the lights went out. When Punk looked down at his feet, he saw the Phenom. He did a triple take.

Again the fans are in a frenzy. Undertaker raises up, grabs Punk by the throat and choke slams him. The Undertaker has returned! And you can bet your bottom dollar that the Undertaker will go for the belt that Punk now has.

At breaking Point in September, Jeff is challenging Punk for a rematch. Will The Undertaker make another appearance? One can only hope so.