Breaking News: Jose Contreras Out of the Rotation, Jake Peavy In?

Joe SlowikCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2017

According to Mark Gonzalez of the Chicago Tribune, Jose Contreras has made his last start for the White Sox this season. Here is the link to the article.

After another horrendous start where he failed to make it out of the third inning in their 12-8 loss to the Red Sox, Contreras will be moved to the bullpen.

The question is who will replace him?

According to the same article, there are three options: Carlos Torres, Daniel Hudson, and by far the most exciting option, Jake Peavy.

Peavy will apparently meet with Kenny Williams, Ozzie Guillen, and Don Cooper on Tuesday to figure out their course of action.

From the article: "If he says he's ready to give us five, six, seven [innings], that might be enough in Kenny's mind," Cooper said. "But if he can't say that, we'll have to go for someone else."

I personally think Peavy will be the man toeing the rubber on Saturday. The Sox and their fans need a jolt to boost a team that has been up and down for a while now and may be falling out of the race. I think the Sox will throw caution to the wind and play their ace in the hole.

A case can definitely be made that rushing Peavy isn't the best course of action. Peavy may not be back to full strength yet, and they have an awful lot of money invested in him for the future.

However, are their other choices any better?

Peavy at 80 percent has to be better than Contreras right now. It was also an ankle injury and not an arm issue, so the potential for long term damage is probably low.

Torres and Hudson aren't likely to be any better either. The former struggled with his command in his two major league outings this year, and Hudson has had similar issues in his starts at Charlotte.

Plus there are risks with calling up Hudson as well. The youngster was in A-ball only a few months ago. The leap to the majors against a very potent Yankees offense is a huge one and could hurt his confidence. I think the Sox would probably rather wait until next season to give him a shot.

So that basically leaves them facing what could end up being a throw-away game for a team that can hardly afford it right now by starting Torres or taking a risk with a proven, elite starter coming off an injury.

I'd be surprised if the Sox didn't take the latter route. Hopefully they won't be too far back in the race for Peavy's return to matter.