The Ultimate 2009 NFL Preview

Thaddeus YeiserCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2009

So here we go. The season's almost here, and of course its time to predict how this season will ultimately pan out. In this article I will be previewing every NFL team.

Record, state of the franchise, and their most burning issues. I will start with the flat out predictions and then get into potential firings, rookie breakouts, declines, surprises, comebacks, etc.



Steelers 14-2

Ravens 10-6, wildcard

Bengals 9-7

Browns 6-10



Titans 12-4

Colts 10-6, wildcard

Texans 9-7

Jaguars 7-9



Patriots 12-4

Jets 9-7

Bills 8-8

Dolphins 8-8



Chargers 13-3

Chiefs 7-9

Broncos 6-10

Raiders 5-11

I don't think the AFC has changed much. The NFC is where we start to see a new look.



Vikings 11-5

Bears 9-7

Packers 8-8

Lions 4-12



Falcons 11-5

Panthers 10-6, wildcard

Saints 10-6

Buccaneers 5-11



Eagles 13-3

Cowboys 9-7

Giants 8-8

Redskins 7-9



Cardinals 10-6

Seahawks 10-6, wildcard

49ers 8-8

Rams 4-12


AFC Championship: Steelers over the Chargers

NFC Championship: Vikings over the Falcons

Super Bowl XLIV: Steelers over the Vikings

League MVP: Adrian Peterson

With defenses accounting for No. 4 Peterson will see open holes like never before.

Comeback Player of the Year: Tom Brady

He's virtually a shoo-in as long as they make the playoffs.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Jeremy Maclin (Philadelphia Eagles)

This offense will be electric and Maclin will be one of its main stars.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Aaron Curry (Seattle Seahawks)

Linebackers always win these awards and Curry will have great defenders like Lofa Tatupa and Patrick Kerney around him.

Coach of the Year: Jim Mora

He will be handed a stable oraganization, and will benefit from all his starters coming back.

Biggest Surprise Team: Seahawks

They are in for a comeback year.  

Biggest Disappointment: Colts

Although we should see this coming, they are on the decline.

Coaches Who Will Be Gone: Dick Juaron, Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, Wade Phillips

Under the Most Pressure: Brad Childress, Brett Favre and the Vikings.

They have put a lot on the line. If Childress is to stick around the Vikings will need to at least reach the NFC Championship game to justify the signing of Brett Favre. Favre may not need to lead them all the way if he throws 35 TD's, but that simply won't happen.

Playoff win or bust for the Norse men of Minnesota.

My Personal Note On What 2009 Could Mean For Us

So much is on the line. So many teams need to win now, but not everyone will. The following teams could emerge from a long stay in the shadows.

The Raiders could finally prove Al Davis right. Yeah I laughed a little bit too.

The Bills could wash away the pain of four Super Bowl losses, or continue their decade or mediocrity. 

Brett Favre could prove all his doubters wrong and take the Vikings to new heights, or fall flat on his face and take Childress with him.

The Steelers could very well repeat and solidify their claim that Steel is the toughest thing on earth, or do what they did in 2006 after winning Super Bowl XL.

The Dolphins could show us that '08 was no fluke, or they could fall apart.

Vick could be the comeback story of all time, or he could be just another casuality of crime. Who knows.

That's the Great thing about the NFL. Unscripted, uncharted fun. It is what every other sport tries to be. Now lets sit back and enjoy another great year of football. 


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