Text From Last Night, Notre Dame Style

Ed LeiserCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2009

NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 11:  In this photo illustration the Twitter website is displayed on a mobile phone at a NRL match on July 11, 2009 in Newcastle, Australia. The micro-blogging phenomenon sees users post text 'tweets' of upto 140 characters in response to the question 'What are you doing?'.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Text messages are the new rave and athletes everywhere seem to be joining in on the fun, using their cell phones to post humorous updates to their twitter or facebook accounts.

Fans all over the nation will be texting this year as well, and Notre Dame football games will offer some unique texts from their fans.

Among the possible text messages you will receive (or send) this season while at a Notre Dame football game:


"Dude, how do u pronounce Manti Te'o whole name?  Screw this, I'm gonna refer to him as Mr. T...I pity the fool who doesn't do likewise"


"The members of the Irish Guard are so immature.  One of them just gave another guy a wet willy...I thought they were supposed to be stoic and emotionless?"


"I dunno, but Jimmy Clausen's hair last year was waaaaay better than this year"


"Some idiot is wearing a Jeff Samardzija Cubs jersey. Hope he can get his money back 4 it."


"Oh my lord, there's a backup cornerback named Jamoris Slaughter on ND...y is he not playing?!?!"


"Mike Anello is good, but he's the kind of guy I'd probably hate if he played 4 Michigan State.."


"Man, I'm hammered...I could have sworn I just saw Touchdown Jesus giving the sign 4 pass interference"


"Ah, freshman linebacker Carlo Calabrese...nothing like a good Irish kid to play for Notre Dame..."


"Figures, I got a seat in the last row possible.  At least I can still see clearly where Charlie Weis is waddling."


"Shaq Evans.  First, stardom at Notre Dame. Then, a lead role in the movie, "Kazaam Two: Genie, You All That!"


"But first, he'll play Nick Nolte's top recruit in Blue Chips Two: Revenge on the NCAA committee"


"I wish the leprechaun would just come out with a pot of gold instead of an ND flag...oh well I guess I'll have to adjust"


"Golden Tate playing next to the Golden Dome.  What's the definition of irony again?"


"They're really cracking down on bringing alcohol into the stadium.  Damn ushers took my beer at the gate...I think it was Bob Davie and Ty Willingham."


"I'm all about playing the Fight Song at halftime, but can we spice it up with a little Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas."


"Ron Powlus on the sidelines...he got faaaaaaat"


"Some idiot Michigan fan keeps doing the Desmond Howard Heisman-pose...I'm gonna chuck my drink at him."


"I missed the entire third quarter can u fill me in...I got caught day-dreaming about Brady Quinn again...god I miss him."


Those, and many more, will be sent throughout the Notre Dame season.  Hopefully, some wins will be sent out as well for the Irish.