MLB Power Groupings: Whatever Happens, At Least You Have This Moment

Nino Colla@TheTribeDailySenior Writer IAugust 25, 2009

DENVER - AUGUST 23:  The Colorado Rockies celebrate their victory over the San Francisco Giants at Coors Field on August 23, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Rockies defeated the Giants 4-2.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

I look at the groupings, as far as the names go, and wonder, where was I when I made them up.

I'm going to be the first to admit that I'm a weirdo. There really is no way around that.  So it happens.

But I look at the Rockies and realize this team was basically labeled as a disaster, by myself and myself alone.

Now I'm sure many of you thought the Rockies were in fact done. But did you label them as a disaster?

I did, and now I'm labeling them as a team where they should be. How does that make any sense?

It doesn't, but we had someone end a game on an unassisted triple play last week and as I've said many times before, you really have no clue what you are going to see, it's baseball after all.

Welcome to the Disaster Zone

Baltimore, Toronto, Cleveland, Kansas City, Oakland, Washington, New York Mets, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Arizona, San Diego

Boy oh boy, who will be my victims this week?

Let me start with my beloved Cleveland Indians, who are continuing to break my heart, even after they've already broken it.

You see, once you've given up all hope, you kind of have no reason to cheer for victories. Let's be honest, there is no joy in finishing .500, because there is no prize.

Give me the draft pick.

But no, Cleveland is a lot more difficult. They've got Baltimore and Kansas City this week, there's no telling how many games they are going to end up winning.

Speaking of... Actually, forget it; why even bring up the Royals and Orioles? What have they even done?

And the Nationals aren't trendy anymore, since they are back to normal.

The Mets are always fun to pick on. How bad is their luck? It only makes sense though. Since this is the team that has the worst luck in the world this year, it only makes sense that the unluckiest thing would happen to him.

Be honest for a second. Isn't an unassisted triple play all luck? Right place, right time.

And it's probably the most unlucky thing that can happen in the game, let alone at the end of the game with the winning run at the plate.

It just fits this year, it just fits.

We might be slipping

Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Seattle, Chicago Cubs, Houston, Milwaukee

As a good friend with a red mask and boxing gloves would say, "Holy Freakin' Crap."

That was directed to the Chicago Cubs, who single-handedly found themselves in the same position as their NL Central-mates with just one week's worth of work.

And I know the Cardinals are ridiculously hot, but why does it seem like the Cubs went from right there, to being completely behind the eight-ball.

The good news is that there is more than a month left, so there is still time, but the Cubs might be better off setting their sites on the wild card.

In fact, all of these teams, outside the Twins, who are playing for the default wild card that is known as the AL Central, are probably looking to get in by other means.

Tampa Bay can probably bet on that, with the Red Sox looking like they too are out of the race for the AL East. Never say never, but the Rays have even more ground to gain. Hope is not over for the defending champs though.

We might be contenders

Chicago White Sox, Atlanta, Florida

I still don't get what the White Sox and the rest of the AL Central is doing. At this point, the Indians might be able to catch one of these teams.

Atlanta and Florida are in the same boat as the other NL Central teams. Philadelphia went on a run that might have ended things once and for all.

However the East teams are in a better position because, they have better records, what a concept!

The wild card will probably come from the West, but don't discount the Marlins or Braves, they've both got talent as far as pitching goes and that's all you need down the stretch. It can carry a team.

In it to win it

Detroit, San Francisco

So this group got a little bit smaller.

I cut the group in half for reasons you'll learn about in a little bit.

San Francisco has been hanging around, and even getting closer to the division. However the dangerously hot Rockies have found that fire once again and are threatening to make it a two-team race for two spots with Los Angeles.

Let's hope the Giants can keep it up again.

Do the Tigers and White Sox play each other rather soon? This stagnant positioning with the two teams is rather boring.

End of snarky AL Central comments, promise. Only because there are no more AL Central teams.

Here we are, where we should be

Boston, New York Yankees, Philadelphia, Los Angeles Angels, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Texas, Dodgers, Colorado

We had yet another lovely series between the Yankees from New York and the Red Sox from Boston. This time it wasn't a sweep, but it was damn painful for Boston fans the way it went down.

Sure they got a win, but the Yankees put up a lot of runs, embarrassed them in one game and made their ace look silly in the other.

With six out of their last seven lost, the Red Sox proved that you can't win a division in May and that you can never count out a team, even if they've lost nine or so straight to that division leader.

Still, don't end Boston just yet; they've got realistic time to make up ground.

The Yankees fit into the section with Philadelphia and St. Louis. These are division leaders that are just trying to run away and hide from everyone. They are really going their best to not make the end of the season interesting.

Let's get down to business though.

I'm officially declaring my belief in the two additions to our higher group.

I'm buying into Texas. It only took me the entire year, but I'm ready to say they are in it for the rest of the season. The Angels may take the West, but the Rangers aren't going down fighting and they will take the Wild Card race and make it interesting all the way through.

Then we have Colorado. This was a team that was left for dead, literally, at one point in the beginning of the season. I had them crossed off and ready to consider as an afterthought.

And here they are where they probably didn't think they would be.

Ultimate respect goes out to the players for not giving up and Jim Tracy for turning the boat around.

If they don't end up getting into the playoffs, it doesn't matter. They've got this moment. The moment that I said, this is a team that was in the trash heap group at one point and then a contender by the end of August.

It's no pennant, but it's still damn good, at least in my eyes.


*All statistics, standings, and opinions were based off their states going into action on Aug. 24.


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