What in the Name of the NFL?...I Can't Believe It!

Southern CheeseheadCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2009

Up until Tuesday of last week (August 17th) I was still defending Brett Favre. Monday afternoon when the story broke from Jay Glazer I was still saying that there was nothing to it. I was saying that this was just wishful thinking from the players because they weren't happy with their QB choices. I never thought that I would hear on Tuesday that Favre was boarding a private plane to MN to sign a contract and work out with the team...BUT it happened.

Now that it has happened I'm still trying to let it sink in because I'm still a bit shocked. Everyone told me not to be, but I still am a little shocked. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Favre fan, but this time I'm a little frustrated with how this all went down. It is obvious now that he doesn't want to go through training camps and OTAs so he just worked around that. Shame on Childress for being so star struck that he allowed that. What happened to the days where if you're in then you're in 100%? Favre used to even speak against guys doing "hold outs" during camp saying that they should honor their contract. I guess Favre wasn't really under contract yet, but that's debatable according to some people as well.

On the flip side, I'm excited that I get to see him play again. I've said a million times that he's good for the league. He sells tickets and he sells a ton of merch. People love to give their opinions on him, some love to hate him and some people are very passionate about either their love or hate for him.

It's crazy the amount of people that blog, call sports talk shows, message board, comment and follow a man that they have NO ties to at all. My dad was from Milwaukee so I grew up a Packer fan. As a result, I ended up a Favre fan so I have a reason, but some of these people have NEVER paid $300 for a ticket just to see him play like I have. I even remember going to an Alabama homecoming game in the rain against Southern Miss when Favre played. I didn't even know who their QB was and I could have cared less who it was walking into the stadium. I heard who he was listening to the pre game on my headsets because he had apparently just had a bad car wreck weeks before and had a good bit of his intestines removed as a result, but he was going to be starting that game. I KNEW this would be a cake walk after all of that. I mean, it's Southern Miss and Homecoming, for heaven's sake! Boy was I wrong...along with most of the Alabama defense I suppose. We got beat on homecoming single-handedly by a kid named Favre that had just had major surgery weeks before. Who knew?

I have to say that after that I was amazed at his talent and athleticism. Him becoming a Packer a couple of years after that was icing on the cake for this Cheesehead! That's why and how I became a Favre fan. I will always be a Packer fan FIRST though. I want him to do well this season except for 2 games...October 5th and November 1st (I'm sure the media won't have ANY hype leading up to either of these games at all). I will NEVER pull for the Vikings though...I just want Favre to do well for his career stats, etc. They are still a rival and I can't pull for them or the Bears EVER to win. It's crazy to even see him all over the Vikings website and I can't imagine him in purple and gold, but I guess we'll see it soon enough.

In conclusion, I guess I would say in my world I'm first and always a Packer fan, I'm still a Favre fan, but he's lost a bit of luster in my mind, I want Favre to do well, but I want the Vikings to lose! Is that clear as mud now? I know...I'm a dichotomy of sorts.