DX Not Putting Over Legacy?

Angelique SmytheContributor IAugust 24, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 26: WWE wrestlers Shawn Michaels and Triple H attend the USA Network Upfront at The Modern on March 26, 2008 in New York City.  (Photo by Andrew Walker/Getty Images)

I know I said my next article would be a basic guide to pro-wrestling and I will still do that, but this is response to the amount of forum threads I have seen whining about Legacy being buried.

In the last almost 6 months since No Way Out, Legacy has usually faced at least one member of the McMahon faction per week, Either through direct competition or through interference. Through their "fearless leader's" excessive use of them as cannon fodder, their WWE stock has seemingly gone down.

A few weeks ago, HHH got sick of their interference when they once again cost him a chance at the title, and put himself in a handicap match against them. Lots of people myself included expected HHH to win that match. He did not.

In the aftermath in  the ring HHH got a mic and said "Ouch, well that hurt" many people have taken that to mean he was being sarcastic.

I took it to mean, "well I didn't expect it to go like that or for me to lose" (yes, I know it is all planned) this was the perfect point in which to bring Shawn Michaels (HBK) back and re-form my favorite tag team of all time. D-Generation X.

There has been alot of speculation that with the return of DX, Legacy would be buried. On the night HHH and HBK were first in the ring in 8 months they copped a beat-down, to the point of where they took off HBK's boot and hit both he and HHH in the head with it. Legacy then had the last words as they left ringside.

At SummerSlam, Legacy lost their match against DX, but I will not deny that (I can't; there are published results) but I do reject the premise that Legacy were buried by DX. DX came close to losing more than Legacy and DX really sold the match as believable.

So basically if you think DX hasn't put Legacy over go pull your head out of your ass and look again.

HHH is a 13 time world champ who is a 14 year veteran of the WWE. These two guys, while they have youth, they do not have experience. HHH took a beat down from them, then admitted he could not handle them alone.

Trust me...that put them right over to start with.

Then on the night DX were to return to RAW, they had Legacy do a beat down and gave them the final word.

Then on the first PPV match which was the official in-ring reunion they had Legacy come so close to winning many times. Personally I think Legacy will beat DX and I think it will either happen on Raw this week or next.

People need to stop thinking that someone needs to win to be put over, so long as Legacy gets a win in the series of matches, that will put them over.

A couple would be better, but I see them getting the one and moving on...can also see DX moving on pretty quickly considering there are three heel tag teams and 2 face teams, so we will see.

But honestly if you think DX did not put over Legacy at Summerslam, I suggest you climb down out of your ivory tower and watch the match with your eyes open this time.