Virginia Tech's Method To Madness!!!

Enter SandmanContributor IAugust 24, 2009

MIAMI - JANUARY 01: Virgina Tech fans celebrate during the FedEx Orange Bowl against the Cincinnati Bearcats at Dolphin Stadium on January 1, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

With all the hype surrounding the Hokies thoughts of challenging for the National Championship this year, the VT's coaching staff still marches to the same beat, error and turnover free offense, with an attacking defensive and special teams strategy.  VT will continue the model that has consistently put them in mention with the elite tier of the CFB bowl series teams. 

On offense, look for VT to pound the rock, mix in a few play action passes, and attempt the occasional trick play.  QB coach, Mike O'Cain, has done a superb job of working with Tyrod Taylor this offseason to improve his footwork, strong set in the pocket, and precise ball delivery to the open receiver.  The goal with Taylor this year is to put him in the position to provide VT with 1500 passing yards, 750 rushing yards, and 12-15 TD passes, with less than 7 interceptions.  The emphasis, as always with VT, will be to eliminate the turnovers and gain advantageous field position, and then, allow Foster's defense to wreak havoc on the opposing team's offense.

As Hokie Nation has become accustomed to, look for Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster to play bump and run with the corners, gain the push with the defensive line, and allow the LBs and Safetys to roam and make the big plays, to create turnovers and gain field advantage.  It is no secret that Foster is the best DC in the game, as evidenced by the reloading year after year of a top 10 defense.  His ability to coach up marginal talent to elite level is nothing but legendary.

With the uncharacteristic average special teams play last year, look for Beamer, who personally coaches this group, to return to his magic of the return/block and score tradition.

With the season ending ACL tear to redshirt sophomore Darren Evans, look for Ryan Williams, Josh Ogelsby and true freshman, do everything, high school All American, David Wilson to step up and provide consistensy.  With all the speed this group possesses, the VT staff hopes for the occasional homerun, while avoiding turnovers.

The young receiving corp, which improved every game last year, is expected to be more of a threat in VT's pro-style offense this year.  Sure handed redshirt sophomore Danny Coale and preseason 1st Team All-ACC TE Greg Boone will be looked upon to move the chains in the critical third down positions.

If VT can get by the daunting task of beating Alabama, the key to a successful season will be to not overlook obvious stumbling blocks, i.e. Nebraska, East Carolina and ACC rivals Georgia Tech, Miami and North Carolina.

With the most difficult schedule that VT has ever faced, they fully understand that if they take care of business each and every week, they will put themselves in a position to fill the, now empty, trophy case for the National Championship!!!