Hold Your Chin Up Magic Man-Paulie Malignaggi

Victor Omo - AgegeContributor IAugust 24, 2009

    I can't explain why I love boxing, but like a lot of you guys and girls out there, I am a die- hard fight fan . It's just in my blood, you can say it's in my genes or my chromosomes. Nothing thrills me than a blood and guts boxing match and I don't mean the MMA but the art of  the sweet science .

   I remember almost losing my marbles at a sports bar when  Evander  Holyfield was awarded the fight over Lennox Lewis in their first match  in 1999. Since then I swore to watch fights in my own sanctuary i.e.  my living room.

Watching the Juan Diaz  vs.  Paulie Malignaggi  fight over the week-end, I was treated to another "you are a fool" for watching boxing decision. 

We all have seen these pretty close decisions, that have our emotions skewing our partiality. The Jermaine Taylor vs. Winky Wright fight comes to mind.  I thought Winky clearly won that fight. Boxing for long has had a black eye  for a lot of its controversial decisions. Decisions I call "you are a fool" for paying to watch decisions.  But lately the scoring had been trending towards objective scoring.  The sport had witnessed trials of open scoring and lately the use of replay has been sanctioned .

    Juan Diaz had the same look  Tito Trinidad cast when he got the  victory gift in the  De La Hoya vs. Trinidad mega match.  Rightfully, Paulie Malignaggi went on a blunt tirade with non- politically correct verbal bombs protesting the decision and calling the Boxing powers to be a corrupt conglomerate. Paulie Malignaggi  was right for speaking his mind , kudos also to Lennox Lewis for also calling the fight as should have been scored for Paulie Malignaggi  .

  I pray  the day will come when a boxer awarded a  gift decision will stand up and call the judges out .Until the then Paulie hold your chin  up ,you were robbed like Clottey was robbed against Cotto , like  Strum was robbed against Oscar de la Hoya .Hope you can take solace in the fact, that the die- hard fight fans know who truly won the fight ....