WWE RAW Preview: Fallout From Judgment!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IMay 19, 2008

Just 24 hours after WWE Judgment Day, Monday Night RAW will be LIVE from Kansas City, Missouri.

The main event at Judgment Day saw "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton and "The King of Kings" Triple H battle it out in the unforgiving Steel Cage. But when everything was settled, the champion retained.

What’s in store now for WWE champion Triple H? Who will wage war against the 12-time champion? And what will Randy Orton have to say after his disappointing loss?

In another championship match from last night, WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James managed to retain her title. It was a hard fought battle between James, "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix and Melina, which featured Phoenix carrying BOTH Divas on her shoulders at once!

Despite the strength of Phoenix and the athleticism of Melina, Mickie James is still the Women’s Champ. But what’s next for Mickie James? Will The Glamazon demand another shot at the title, or can we expect some interbrand competition for the champion?   

After dominating John Cena throughout his match, JBL still fell victim to seemingly out-of-nowehere “FU” and loss. But if you ask JBL, who really “lost”? You can sense that things are not over between these two. What kind of condition will Cena be in tonight after a very physical match? And what does The Wrestling God have planned to continue the pain?

A returning Jeff Hardy defeated Umaga last week on RAW. At Judgment Day, The Rainbow-Haired Warrior proved that he is better than MVP. Before his suspension, Jeff Hardy was on a hot streak. What will he do to get back on track to gold?

Also at Judgment Day, Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Jericho. After the match, in a sign of respect, both competitors shook hands. But things weren’t so friendly backstage when Batista confronted The Heartbreak Kid. Batista said he will hurt Michaels on his time—and on his terms. Will The Animal show up on RAW Tonight?

Finally, throughout the night, GM William Regal quietly watched on from his balcony suite. What will he have to say after judgment was rendered? Does he have a little judgment of his own to serve? No doubt Mr. Kennedy will still be on his mind.

All this and so much more tonight on Monday Night RAW! Catch the aftermath of Judgment Day, and the beginning of the road to One Night Stand!