Why I Want To Choke John St. Clair

Erin McLaughlinSenior Analyst IIAugust 23, 2009

CLEVELAND - 2009:  John St. Clair of the Cleveland Browns poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by NFL Photos)

Last night was like a bad dream for me. Everybody knows where I stand on the quarterback competition. I support Brady Quinn. Yes, I am a Notre Dame fan and I know his NFL success would be huge for Irish recruiting. Also, I just like him. Having said that, I believe that he is the absolute only right choice for the Browns.

I also believed that Derek Anderson winning that competition is the worst possible thing to happen to the Browns. The reason is because of consistent inconsistency. He has had that reputation since college.

I won't be like the Clown. I will acknowledge that the guy I don't support owned last night. Anderson was very impressive. The way he moved the first offense right down the field for an early score was awesome.

At the same time, haven't Browns fans come to expect this from him? He always could light it up against the bottom defenses. Well, last year the Lions were the worst team ever assembled. You don't get any more bottom than that.

So as I am watching Anderson, I am thinking that it isn't really a big deal. Quinn has clearly outperformed him in both the Brown and White scrimmage and on the road against the Packers. So if Quinn comes in and throws the ball well, he can lead them to a score and put it all to rest.

Well Quinn came out throwing the ball very well. His first pass was a long completion to Brian Robiskie. Then Brian Daboll calls a couple of running plays and it is 3rd and 5. That is when it happened. Quinn throws a nice ball to Mike Furrey for 13 yards and a first down. The only problem was that right tackle John St. Clair lined up incorrectly.

That made it 3rd and 10. For some reason, Daboll calls a running play. I thought that was awfully conservative, but that is another article. The run was stopped and and the drive stalled. St. Clair's penalty proved to be a drive killer.

To be fair, you could get knitpicky and say that the quarterback should have his guys lined up correctly. That is true to a point and Quinn probably blames himself for that. But c'mon and NFL lineman should know how to line up correctly.

The next time the Browns got the ball, Quinn opened with a nice screen pass to Joshua Cribbs for a 9 yard gain. It got called back because of a holding penalty by guess who? That is right, John St. Clair. That made it 1st and 20 and killed all the momentum of the drive. Daboll once again became conservative in his play calling.

Quinn played only two drives. He was 3 of 5 for 29 yards. Well looking at it, that should be 5 of 7 for 57 yards. It probably would have also been better because the drives wouldn't have been stalled. My guess is that on the first drive at the least the Browns get at least a field goal if not a touchdown if not for the penalty.

Then Anderson came back in to run the two minute drill. That was fair because Quinn did the same last week. Anderson was not as effective here though. He threw a bad interception which resulted in 3 point for the Lions at the end of the half. That was a little bit of a relief.

So today, I am mad at St. Clair. He single handedly made it look like Anderson was way better than Quinn on paper. That really isn't the case though if you really look at it. I will give the devil his due. Anderson owned the night. However, Quinn was also good but St. Clair cost him and the team.