Bleacher Report's CFL Writers' Game Ball Presentation: Week 8

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IAugust 23, 2009

Another week has passed in the CFL and myself and a few other writers have come up with an idea, it's called the Bleacher Report CFL Writers' Game Ball Presentation. What that means, is after each week, each writer decides what player or players deserve a game ball for their performance in the week that has passed. So ladies and gentlemen, here it is:

Jonathan Hamelin's Game Ball Goes To:

Weston Dressler

The Saskatchewan Roughriders may have lost to the Montreal Alouettes, but Weston Dressler was easily the most impressive offensive player on either team. Dressler caught eight passes for 179 yards. His longest catch of the day was a 62 yarder. All game long, the Montreal Alouettes seemed to know the ball was going to Weston Dressler, but it didn’t matter. Dressler used his pure speed to burn the Alouettes secondary. Weston Dressler is pure heart, and this was evident on Friday night.

Giants27's Game Ball Goes To:

Fred Reid
How can my game ball not go to the little guy from Mississippi State? 262 yards a couple of scores along with a 52 yard scamper into the endzone. I'd be hard-pressed not to give him my Game Ball for this week.
TJ Zwarych's Game Ball Goes To:
Chick'en Baggs
My game ball goes to two players this week. The two Roughriders' defensive ends, John Chick and Stevie Baggs. Last game, they combined for 3 sacks and 1 fumble recovery. In the last two games, they have combined for 6 sacks, 1 forced fumble and 2 fumble recoveries. Chick'en Baggs have been the best two defenders for the Riders in the last few games and they are a huge reason why the Riders were in the game against Montreal. Despite losing, John Chick and Stevie Baggs did all they could to keep the Riders within reach of a win.
So there it is folks, the first Bleacher Report CFL Writers Game Ball Presentation. Please give us your feedback about any way you think we could improve this segment.