Andrew GaleaContributor IJune 14, 2016

Inter Milan's home opener today didn't exactly live up to expectations for the result the club was looking for, especially Jose Mourinho.  The Portuguese coach as of lately continues to keep him self busy off the field feuding with other coaches about who is going to the win the Serie A Title this year.  The club's coaching staff should be preparing to fit new guys into the system in oder to play on the field.  Jose continues to distract the Inter club from winning games.

In the last 3 years of opening games, Inter is drought less without a taste of victory since 2006 beating Florentina.  New players year after year for the club is quite a difficult task for any manager to venture. Mourinho looks to improve this by playing his best players he feels.  Today's result against Bari by far was unacceptable for the hype.  It does take awhile for players to gel on the field.  There are many different styles out there on the playing ground, Jose needs to consierded to stop the outside distraction for the club. The Number one focus should strive to win the Serie A as well in the Champion League games.

 Samuel Eto'o  making his debut for the squad scored in today's game at the 55th minute mark on a penalty.  It looked like Inter had the game in the bag, but the game was not written off until a defensive error cost Inter Milan to help player Vitaly Kutuzov get a break to lock the score at one just 22 minutes after.

If Jose Mourinho continues to look for drama with his foolish feuding, then it will be a long season for anybody involve at Inter Milan.  The "Special One" has to go back to the basics as he once was did for his former club to improve game after game.