Colorado Football: Pluses and Minuses From the First Half of Fall Camp

Stuart WhitehairAnalyst IAugust 23, 2009

Greetings, Buff fans, from CU at the Game!


Two weeks until kickoff of the 2009 season—are you ready for some CU football?


There are pluses and minuses when a team only gets to beat up on their teammates. For every long touchdown pass, there is a blown coverage in the secondary; for every celebrated sack, there is a missed assignment on the offensive line.


Toward that end, there have been many good things happen at fall camp so far, but they have been often offset by the not-so-good. Up now at —the positives and negatives from the first half of CU fall camp, 2009.



Plusses and Minuses


Plus: The play at quarterback—Minus: The play at quarterback (no, that’s not a typo).


Plus: The relative lack of injuries—Minus: One major injury to a potential key player.


Plus: The play of the running backs—Minus: The play of the wide receivers.


Plus: The talent at offensive line—Minus: The lack of talent on the defensive line.


Plus: The development of the linebackers and secondary—Minus: The lack of development on special teams.



In case you missed it, Friday’s notes include updates on some of the Buffs’ opponents for 2009, including CSU, Wyoming, Texas, West Virginia, Missouri, and Kansas State. In addition, today there are updates on Nebraska (the dismissal of a running back), as well as Colorado State (where the quarterback saga has taken several new turns).



Go Buffs!