Countdown to WWE SummerSlam: Main Attraction

Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2009

The biggest event of the summer comes to the "City of Angels" as WWE SummerSlam comes to Los Angeles at the Staples Center. It's this Sunday Live and only on Pay Per View at 8pm et/5pm PT.


To order call your local cable operator, DIRECTV or Dish Network. Also order SummerSlam on the WWE Webcast or watch it on a free stream if you don't feel like paying.


Thanks to Aerosmith for the theme song "You Gotta Move" for SummerSlam. It's off of the album "Honkin on Hobo" and it's available now. Here are the matchups.


D-Generation X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase)


Triple H’s bitter feud with Legacy including their venomous leader and WWE Champion Randy Orton started with the attack on the McMahons.


Even though the bitter rivalry between the Game and the Viper was over, he still had to deal with Legacy. However, this time it was Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase.


The night after Night of Champions, Triple H still had his sights on not only becoming WWE Champion but destroying Randy Orton.


However, his minions had something to say about that when Ted DiBiase attacked Triple H from behind and injured his knee with a weapon. He went to the Beat The Clock Challenge not a 100 percent against Cody Rhodes due to the attack.


Things were going the Game’s way until DiBiase got in the way with time running out. Triple H hit the pedigree on Rhodes but as soon as he went for the one, two, three, the time expired.


After the match, Triple H was irate and challenged the duo to a handicap match the next week on RAW. However, he wasn’t successful in that either due to the odds stacked against him.


The King of Kings questioned whether he could handle Legacy by himself but gave some insight.


He was gonna great back the faction has been controversial in the Attitude Era, even the TV-14 era, and that group was D-Generation-X. The problem was, where is Shawn Michaels?


Ever since his match and what will be the match of the year against the Undertaker at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, HBK has been M.I.A. He hasn’t been on live television since that epic match.


The Game went to Texas to find his degenerate cohort. He found him in a business corporation serving as a cook, but at the end, HBK came to his senses and was coming back to the WWE.


The long and anticipated return of D-Generation X was cut short on RAW this past Monday by Legacy. The young duo attacked the veteran group and left them laying in the ring. Legacy wanted to send a message and let it be known that they’re ready for SummerSlam.


At SummerSlam, the controversial tag team in WWE history will reunite as a tag team. However, they haven’t been partners for nine months and HBK hasn’t wrestled since April.


Will Legacy make a name for themselves by upsetting DX or will the reunited and experienced tag team in D-Generation X defeat the Viper's henchmen? It all goes down in the “City of Angels” at SummerSlam.


STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageI can't wait to see how the veterans of DX and third-generation superstars of Legacy perform against each other.


PREDICTION: D-Generation X. There’s nothing wrong with upsets, but I can’t see DX losing to Legacy. However, I do expect this rivalry to continue either way.






Jeff Hardy (C) vs CM Punk


This feud was all about the championship but now it’s become a bitter and intense rivalry between these superstars.


Jeff Hardy finally regained what was his at the Night of Champions and that was the World Heavyweight Championship. However, it was far from over at the expense of the Straightedge Superstar CM Punk.


Five days after the match, Punk came to the ring after Hardy defeated John Morrison in what was a great match for the World Title. Punk raised Hardy’s arm but it was bittersweet after that.


The obsessed and opinionated Punk attacked Hardy with the microphone which busted him in the head. Then he threw Hardy from each security wall and over the announce table.


Punk wanted to sent his message and told the Universe that the next week on Smackdown, the title was his.


At the beginning of Smackdown, the championship match was supposed to take place but at first it didn’t happen when Hardy and Punk went it. Security and Smackdown GM Teddy Long had to restrain the heated rivals.


Then came the chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon and he announced that there was gonna be a “Special Enforcer” for the main event.


That Special Enforcer was Jeff’s estranged brother Matt Hardy, every fan of the WWE Universe even Jeff Hardy was in shock of his presence. Jeff was concerned with his chances of remaining the World Heavyweight Champion, because Matt had screwed him over before.


However, things took an unexpected turn during the match. Punk was going for the Charismatic Enigma but inadvertently kicked Matt by his mistake. Punk had the opportunity to win the championship but Matt was not happy and took matters to his hands.


He prevented Punk by stopping the referee from delivering the three-count on his brother. Punk had words with Matt until Jeff found the opening and rolled him up for the three-count.


After what happened, Punk was not pleased and decided to take his frustration out on Jeff. He attacked him in the ring and threw him outside, slamming his Jeff’s head multiple times on the announce table.


Punk was not satisfied, so he took heel tactics to whole another level by placing Jeff’s head inside the chair and pushing him towards the steel post. EMT’s came to Jeff’s attention while laid out from the attack.


An infuriated Long confronted Punk and decided to give him a rematch. However, it was Jeff’s kind of match and that was the TLC Match at SummerSlam for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Jeff and Matt were the originators of TLC matches alongside The Dudleys now Team 3-D & Edge & Christian. Jeff is well experienced in ladder matches but when it comes to TLC matches, he’s a beast, especially coming off of a grueling ladder match at Extreme Rules to defeat Edge for the title. However, Punk is no stranger to ladder matches.


Punk has never been beaten in a ladder match after winning two consecutive Money In The Bank Ladder Matches at WrestleMania last year and this year. The difference with Punk in this match is that Tables & Chairs are involved alongside the Ladders.


Punk has been obsessed with the fact that the WWE Universe has been loyal to Jeff Hardy despite his bout with drug addiction. He feels that the fans have turned on him and that was the reason for his heel-tactic ways.


As for Jeff, he’s come along way from fighting drug abuse to winning his first world championship last year at Armageddon. Now, he has to overcome to the wrath of CM Punk’s hatred towards him and keep his World Heavyweight Championship.


At SummerSlam, these two unorthodox superstars put not only their bodies on the line but their reputation for the right to be World Heavyweight Champion.


This main question will Jeff be healthy in time for the TLC match and be able to remain champion? Or will CM Punk’s rage be his focal point to beome a champion again.


Don’t miss this non-stop action with Tables, Ladders, & Chairs involved for these two to dish out on each other at SummerSlam.


STAR RATING:Go to fullsize image This is gonna be the climax to the Punk-Hardy rivalry but it will be a damn good match especially a TLC match. As a fan of ladder matches, this match will get people out of their seats.


PREDICTION: CM Punk: The future of Jeff Hardy is in question with the WWE. Also, you have to look at the gift and the curse of being World Heavyweight Champion. The champion from last year has not had a long reign of being a World Champion.





Randy Orton (C) vs John Cena


If it wasn’t for Shaquille O’Neal making the Beat The Clock Challenge, John Cena wouldn’t be in this position to face the Viper known as Randy Orton at SummerSlam.


It had to take MVP, Triple H & Jack Swagger to miss out on being the contender for John Cena to beat The Miz and Mark Henry’s time to become the number one contender for Orton’s title.


The advantage has been on Cena’s side. After beating the odds that was RAW Guest Host Jeremy Piven and his handpicked wrestlers for the Lumberjack Match against The Miz.


He overcame the odds that was the Big Show & Chris Jericho even though his tag partner was Randy Orton.


RKO has been on a warpath for months. Terrorizing the McMahon Family, to injuring both Batista and Shane McMahon with the help of Legacy. Then he even gave a devastating backbreaker to movie star and guest host of RAW Freddie Prinze Jr.


This is not the first time that these two have met . These guys were in a heated rivalry that involved the punt to Cena’s father and Cena to be put on the shelf by Orton. Now Cena has his sights on becoming WWE Champion after losing the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash.


Cena had to overcome giants, loudmouths, egotists, and even injuries to be where he is in Main Event status.


As for Orton, coming from a wrestling family to being the youngest member of Evolution and student of former mentor Ric Flair and now rival Triple H, Orton has used old-fashioned tactics and power to be champion.


At the Staples Center, the house where the Lakers hold their championship banners, these two superstars will battle it out to be WWE Champion.


Will the head man of Legacy continue his wrath in the WWE? Or will the battle-tested superstar John Cena get in the way of Orton and win the WWE Championship? Don’t miss out as these two face off in the Main Event at SummerSlam.


STAR RATING:Go to fullsize image It may not be better than the Punk/Hardy match, but this is a match that will be good as second.


PREDICTION: Randy Orton. I thought about picking John Cena, but this rivalry will continue especially in Cena’s favor at Breaking Point due to submission rules. It’s not time to take strap off of Orton’s waist.



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