Countdown to WWE SummerSlam: Mid-Card Action

Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2009

HOLLYWOOD - AUGUST 21:  Wrestler The Big Show  Paul Donald Wight, Jr. arrives at the WWE's SummerSlam Kickoff Party at H-Wood Club on August 21, 2009 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The Biggest Event of the Summer comes to the "City of Angels" as WWE SummerSlam comes to Los Angeles at the Staples Center. It's this Sunday Live and only on Pay Per View at 8pm et/5pm PT.


To order call your local cable operator, DIRECTV or Dish Network. Also order SummerSlam on the WWE Webcast or watch it on a free stream if you don't feel like paying.


Thanks to Aerosmith for the theme song "You Gotta Move" for SummerSlam. It's off of the album "Honkin on Hobo" and it's available now. Here are the matchups.





Chris Jericho & Big Show (C) vs Cryme Tyme



After Edge was injured, the Rated R Superstar relinquished half of the unified titles due to him being out of action until next year. Chris Jericho had a plan to add a special stipulation where he can choose a partner to be one half of unified the tag team titles.


As the mystery and buzz of who was gonna be a Jericho’s partner at Night of Champions to face Legacy members Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase.


The mystery partner was revealed, but no one expected the Big Show to be Y2J’s partner. Why was it a shock to WWE Universe?

Big Show was supposed to compete in the Six Pack Challenge for the United States Championship which later on Primo took his place.


These two were never the best of friends but manage two put their differences aside to be a new tag team. After it was all said and done, Jericho & Big Show was successful over the Legacy duo.


The next night on RAW, they had a little run-in with guest host and NBA Superstar with four titles Shaquille O’Neal, which ignited a feud with the Brooklyn duo and stars of “Word Up,” Cryme Tyme.


Few days later on Smackdown, Cryme Tyme had to get past the Hart Dynasty to become No. 1 contenders for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam.


The next week on RAW, JTG gave Cryme Tyme some momentum by defeating Chris Jericho, however the tables were turned.


JTG had to face the World’s Largest Athlete on Smackdown but was unsuccessful after Show beat him with the Cobra Clutch. It ended up with both Jericho & Show taking down Cryme Tyme.


At SummerSlam, can Cryme Tyme go against all odds to become the Unified Tag Team Champions or will Y2J & the Big Show reign supreme at the end? Find out this Sunday at the Staples Center only on Pay-Per-View.



STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageIt's not gonna be the best of tag team matches but it will be interesting to see how these two tag teams perform against each other.


PREDICTION: Chris Jericho & Big Show - My heart wants to pick Cryme Tyme because they deserve to be champions. However, the WWE wants to keep thing with Y2J & Show going, especially staying as Unified Tag Team Champions.



Jack Swagger vs MVP


Since Swagger's arrival to RAW via the 15 superstar/diva trade made by Donald Trump, he has made an enemy out of the "Ballin" superstar. Week after his debut on RAW, Swagger made his appearance on the MVP Lounge but things didn't go so smoothly between the two.

Jack Swagger took a verbal shot at MVP about his past and said he doesn't fight "criminals". Why would Jack say that? MVP has had a rough life on the streets of Miami. He joined a gang at age 12 and spent six months in a juvenile detention center. He also served 9 and 1/2 years in what was supposed to be an 18 and a 1/2 year prison sentence due to armed robbery and kidnapping.

MVP even admitted that made a mistake but he's a changed man and this set up a match between him and Jack Swagger. A week later on RAW, Swagger was victorious over MVP. It didn't stop there.

Swagger added fuel to the fire by getting involved in MVP's matches. That led to the double-team of MVP by Swagger and The Masterpiece Chris Masters. Masters had MVP by the Master Lock while Swagger slapped him. Also Swagger gave a devastating powerbomb to MVP.

Now at SummerSlam, MVP gets his chance to get revenge on the cocky All-American American. MVP has to be careful of what Swagger can bring to the ring. He's skilled as a mat wrestler and even played College Football in his days. This intense rivalry has been brewing and will be settled at the Staples Center.

Will Swagger continue his dominance over MVP? Or will the street-smart superstar overcome the challenge known as the All-American American. Tune to SummerSlam to witness this heated rivalry. 


STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageNot a bad matchup but not a four star matchup to steal the show. Interesting styles meet and it would be great to see these two go at it again.


PREDICTION: MVP. Swagger is talented and one day will be world champion in the future. However, MVP has come a long way to the WWE from surviving the streets and even jail. It's time for MVP to even the series by beating Swagger.  


The Great Khali vs. Kane


The rivalry between these two began at The Bash where Kane made an unexpected return that cost The Great Khali his match against Dolph Ziggler two months ago.


On the Aug. 7 edition of Smackdown, Kane took things to another level between the

two. After the Punjabi Playboy defeated former WWE superstar Ricky Ortiz in a quick match, Kane’s music and pyro hit but no sound sign of Kane.


Khali and his translator Ranjin Singh didn’t see him until Kane came from behind and attacked Khali. Soon he had his eyes set on Singh and dragged him out the arena.


Next week’s episode, Kane held Ranjin Singh hostage in a room somewhere in the arena and gave a ransom to Khali. The Punjabi Warrior saved his translator but was attacked by Kane with a metal pipe. Singh was horrified after being held hostage by Kane.


Last time that these two were in the same ring was at WrestleMania 23. The Great Khali (heel version) defeated Kane in that match. Now these two monsters collide at The Bigger Event of the Summer.


Will Khali finally get his revenge or will The Big Red Monster continue to wreak havoc over Khali? Watch these two giants go at it at SummerSlam.    


STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageThere was no doubt in my mind that this match was gonna be made due to the buildup. However this is one match that I don’t really care for.


PREDICTION: Kane. Ever since Khali's face turn from a heel, he hasn't been successful. He’s been more of a jobber instead being dominant. I expect The Big Red Monster to defeat Khali and even the series between the two.




Christian (C) vs William Regal 


Christian has gone through some tough matches to become ECW Champion. First it was getting past the Moscow Mauler Vladimir Kozlov to become the No. 1 contender. 

Then at Night of Champions he had to beat Tommy Dreamer to win the ECW Championship. Then a week later, he faced Tommy Dreamer but this time in a Extreme Rules match with ECW Championship.

Christian had to go through the pain to keep the ECW title by hitting the Killswitch on Dreamer but on the car door. So who was next in line to challenge Captain Charisma?

A week after the grueling Extreme Rules match, Christian made an appearance on The Abraham Washington Show. Gosh, I hate that guy.

Anyway, the talk was supposed to be on Christian until Washington gave him some breaking news. He told Christian that the person that was next in line for the ECW Championship was the snobbish but fighting Brit, William Regal.

Regal wanted to make a statement by taking on Christian's friend Tommy Dreamer. However at the end, Regal was victorious over Dreamer but it didn't stop there.

This past Tuesday on ECW, Dreamer was attacked by Regal & Vladimir Kozlov. The plot was to take out Dreamer because he was supposed to be Christian's partner against the Regal & Kozlov.

ECW GM Tiffany gave Christian an opportunity to pick a partner due to the attack on Dreamer that kept him out of the match.

As soon as the three superstars came out, the mystery partner was about to come to the ring. Out comes Ezekiel Jackson who has been in an couple of "Anything you can do, I can do better" episodes with the Moscow Mauler.

Soon as Jackson was tagged in by Christian, Jackson turned his back on Captain Charisma and attacked him. This led to Regal raising the arms of both Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov.

At SummerSlam, Christian defends the ECW Championship against William Regal but the question is about Christian health due to Tuesday's attack.

Will Captain Charisma be able to hold on to the ECW Championship or will the odds be in favor of William Regal to become ECW Champion? Find out at SummerSlam to witness the ECW Championship match.


STAR RATING:Go to fullsize imageSometimes a first time is not bad and I look forward to seeing these two guys in the ring.






Rey Mysterio (C) vs Dolph Ziggler


It's something about this rivalry that won't die. After Mysterio defeated the brash superstar, opportunity once again came to Dolph Ziggle. Ziggler had to go through Finlay, Mike Knox & R-Truth in a Fatal Four Way Match to get at Rey Mysterio in a rematch for the WWE Intercontinental Championship with Rey sitting at the announce table looking on.

Ever since his arrival to Smackdown. Ziggler has made an impact by beating the likes of The Great Khali-three times, R-Truth & John Morrison. He even has WWE Diva Maria by his side. The only thing that's missing is gold and at SummerSlam, Dolph looks to even the score against 619 to win the Intercontinental Championship.

Ziggler has had his target on Rey Mysterio from the beginning. It all began with Dolph attacking Mysterio from behind after he scored a victory over Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho.

With his size, Rey Mysterio had to overcome giants, technical wrestlers, and a emotional loss of the late Eddie Guerrero to get where he is in the WWE. Now, he has to get past Dolph again to remain the Intercontinental Champion. Dolph is no slouch and will make things difficult for the master of the 619.

At SummerSlam, these two adversaries meet again for the Intercontinental Championship. The question is will Dolph finally add the Intercontinental Championship to his resume? Or, will Rey once again survive the challenge from Dolph Ziggler. To watch the Intercontinental Championship, tune to SummerSlam live from the Staples Center.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize imageWatching their matches is interesting but seeing these guys going each other is amazing. This match will be better than the last one at Night of Champions. 

PREDICTION: Dolph Ziggler - This time Ziggler will win this match and become Intercontinental Champion. After what he did since his move to Smackdown, he deserves to be champion. Rey will get a shot at the World Title in the future, but he's not a mid-carder.



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