Notre Dame's "Unruly Behavior" Text Account: Top 10 List

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Notre Dame's


Apparently Notre Dame Football fans don’t know how to act!

The University of Notre Dame has announced fans will be able to utilize a new text messaging system to report any unruly or disruptive behavior on game days.

Fans can begin sending texts at 8:00 am on Saturdays to 41513 followed by the word “Irish,” a space, and a brief description of the issue and its location.

Ushers, public safety personnel, or university officials will respond to the instances as needed.

As I heard the news today, I sat back and wondered what 80,000 college football fans may feel inclined to text to this official “tattle-tale” number.

Of course, a Top 10 list is eminent…


The Top 10 Issues of a Notre Dame Football Fan on a Typical Saturday

No. 10—41513 Irish: I need tickets!

No. 9—41513 Irish: What’s the number again where we can send these texts?

No. 8—41513 Irish: Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

No. 7—41513 Irish: Can we get four hot dogs, four beers down in Sec. 21, Row Six?!

No. 6—41513 Irish: Explanation for the probable text you will receive from the girl in Sec. 19, Row 20, Seat Four…what would you do if a girl had on shorts that had “Play Like a Champion Today” written across the butt?

No. 5—41513 Irish: I was late for dinner last night…can I please still watch the game?

No. 4—41513 Irish: So uh…are you hot? Wanna hang out after the game?  

No. 3—41513 Irish: Can you replay that touchdown on the big screen? I missed it cuz I was texting!

No. 2—41513 Irish: Seriously, 4 hot dogs and 4 beers are needed now!


And the No. 1 issue of a Notre Dame fan on a typical Saturday...


No. 1—41513 Irish: Need more Four Horsemen…not even the 10 Four Horsemen I just drank will make this game any better.


Feel free to criticize these and add more! I hope Notre Dame knows what they’re getting themselves into with this text account!

Go Irish!!!


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