Fantasy Football: America's New Pastime

The RantCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2009

Has anything exploded on the scene like fantasy football has the last few years?

Fantasy Football has given people all over the country for root for their hated rival players just because “they are on my fantasy team.” Common phrases such as “I hope we [team of your choice] beat the Vikings today but Adrian Peterson can have a good game because he is on my fantasy team” or “I don’t care if they score on us as long as Drew Brees throws the touchdown.”

Fantasy Football has been a nationwide revolution. Fantasy Football gives fans from all walks of life the ability to act as their own general manager on hundreds of sites, including top ones such as ESPN, Yahoo, CBS and Fans can draft, manage, trade, sign and release their favorite players all in an effort to win their league and bragging rights amongst their peers for an entire year.

Regardless of the fans interest level there are leagues for everyone. Recreational fantasy football leagues; they have that. Super fan ultra-competitive fantasy leagues; yup those too.

Fantasy Football has a weird way of connecting complete strangers all over the country for one common goal: winning. People love competition and why not be involved in your own while watching your favorite team play on Sunday.

What will make a grown man wake up early for work on a Monday morning after a long weekend? Checking their fantasy football scores to see how they have done in the prior days battle.

The "fandemonium" of fantasy football doesn’t stop there. Radio shows will talk about the prior days scores, top story lines and fantasy football points. Monday morning office talk is much of the same too; fantasy football dominates the office talk.

Remember the time that guy drafted Tom Brady with the third pick only to see him get hurt on the first series of the season? Can you believe Ronnie Brown had five touchdowns today?  Adrian Peterson killed me this week with that huge rushing day.

With only six days, eight hours and 45 minutes until my leagues fantasy football draft, you can bet I am doing my countless hours of research and mock drafts to ensure I am more prepared than my opponents to take my team to a championship this year.

Thousands of fans will be draft their teams for this years upcoming season within the next week and one thing is for constant amongst all of them: Fantasy Football has become America’s new pastime.