My Views On The Start Of Liverpools Football Season

Rosie WoolnoughContributor IAugust 22, 2009

Hey everyone!

I've just received an E-mail from Barney, which was asking all Liverpool writers to write about their views on the season so far.

So I thought I'd give it a go.

Liverpool started their season with a match at White Hart Lane against Tottenham Hotspur. As soon as I saw this fixture, I had a feeling that the Reds would struggle, just like they did twice last season, in the Premiership and in the Carling Cup, so I felt a bit nervous when the whistle went indicating Kick-Off.

So many thoughts were going through my head.

"Come on Liverpool! Please just win!"

"Oh no, Spurs have scored, Come on! We must equalise"


"NOOOOO!!!!! They've scored again"  and more...

If I'm honest, I thought that Spurs were all over the Reds for most of the 90 minutes. And I'm sure that if it wasn't for Reina creating some magnificent saves, the Reds would have lost by a lot more.

Overall, very disappointed and upset by the fact that the Reds had lost their first opening game under Rafa, and the fact that we were already three points behind, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Liverpool's second game of the season was against Stoke City, the team that we failed to score against on both occasions last season, with a 0-0 draw, home and away.

For this match, I felt worried, worried that the Liverpool squad is so much weaker than last season thanks to the loss of Xabi Alonso, who I thought was a 'Brilliant' player.

For the start of the game, I was up in my room, listening to the game on the radio. I could hear that Liverpool were having lots of chances. Then a couple of minutes later,  the commentator on the Radio said.

"There has been a goal at Turf Moor..."

My heart started pounded. I started thinking "Please don't let it be Manchester United, Pleeeeaaaasssseeee!"

"...and BURNLEY have scored a magnificent goal, well deserved"

I couldn't believe it, a team like Burnley, one of the newcomers to the Premier League, are beating the "Champions" Man United, this is incredible.

Then an even better bit of news came from the commentator on the radio.

"....and it's Liverpool 1 Stoke City 0, thanks to Fernando Torres"

That has got to be the best minute of my life. Man United going down by a goal, and Liverpool scoring. Amazing.

After that I seemed to be a lot more relaxed, and after Liverpool's second, third, and fourth goals, I definitely was.

And as I had heard that Burnley had just beaten Man United, well, it was a great night all round.

As I didn't watch the game, I couldn't wait for 'Match of The Day' to come on.

I thought some of our goals were brilliant, and Glen Johnson is a brilliant player, he played really well, and I hope that he can contribute enough this season to help the Reds do one better than last season and get Stevie G to lift the Premier League title.

I now hope that Liverpool can play very well against all the other teams, just like they did against Stoke, and that we don't repeat our performance against Spurs.

Liverpool's next game is at Anfield against Aston Villa, on Monday, Aug. 24 at 8 p.m.


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