What the ChiSox Lack: Heart, Miles and Miles of Heart

Seth BowmanCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2009

After watching and bearing nearly 122 games this year, the White Sox are literally killing me. Of all the teams in the major leagues, I believe the ChiSox to be one of the most talented teams in baseball. But despite their talent, something seems to be plaguing the Sox.

I have already predicted in my previous article that the South Siders would make the post season and lose in the ALDS, but thats starting to look like a fading dream. The White Sox have a 15-game stretch ahead of them against the majors best teams (Yankees, Red Sox, and the Lowly Twins at the moment but still a division rival); and are coming off "could have been" sweeps against the A's and Royals.

Aside from Mark Buehrle's Pefect game, is there anything Sox fans can hang there hat on post all-star break (strike the Jake Peavy trade and bright future from the record and focus on 2009)?

I have seen Sox games every year since I was 10, and I know when a team gives up or slacks. I would not classify this Sox team of quitting, but rather showing lack of passion and heart to get the job done.

In the famous movie The Replacements, the Washington Sentinals are down at half time 17-0 to the Dallas franchise. A reporter ask head coach (Gene Hackman) what it will take for them to get back in the game, and Gene Hackman replies "heart, miles, and miles of heart." I believe that, is the current state of White Sox baseball.

The Sox are down and back in the central and need something for them to get back in the game. I believe that something is "heart."

If you truly analyse how the Sox are playing, it's not fundamentals, or poor managing, or poor technique, its a lack of heart. I believe with my whole heart that even when your technique is off, or your fundamentals diminish, or the skipper makes a bad call, if you have heart, you can still get things done.

You see heart is not something you can teach, and it's not something you pick up by virtue of money or luck. Heart is something that you have to dig deep down and find, and something oh so rare in today's game of high paid athletes.

So what will it take in my opinion for the Sox to weather this ship and get back in the game? Well in the words of Gene Hackman "heart, miles, and miles of heart."

What do you think Sox fans? If not heart, what is it the Sox lack? Leave me comments on what you think.