International Spotlight: El Mesias

Christi LottCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2009

I'm really happy everyone enjoyed the spotlight on KENTA. Today, we're heading back to where we started, Mexico, and take a look at AAA's El Mesias.

I love watching AAA wrestling. Even though I have no clue what's being said, I can tell when someone's mad, excited, crazy, mean, etc. The men and women of AAA do their best to put on an entertaining show, and in that aspect they do not fail.

I have enjoyed watching El Mesias from the first time I saw him. I've always known him as a heel, the major rival of one time top AAA star Cibernetico, as well as former WCW and Indie star Vampiro. Mesias can give The Undertaker a run for his money when it comes to ring entrances. He's got a druid entourage, creepy music, fire and pyrotechnics.

He had a group of wrestlers called La Secta De Mesias following him and doing his deeds. He remained a major heel until Cibernetico departed from the company last year and suddenly, Mesias was pushed as the major star and face, and the crowd embraced him.

Mesias may be better known to some as Ricky Banderas, his ring name, which he used while wrestling in his native Puerto Rico in the IWA (International Wrestling Association). He began his training in 1996 after meeting the founder of the company, Victor Quinones. His debut came in 1999. Within a year, he turned heel, and the more heelish he became, Mesias himself insisted that his character become darker, and it was in 2001 he became known as El Mesias. While in IWA, he held the Tag Team titles three times and won the heavyweight title four times.

In 2006, Mesias came to the U.S. and joined Wrestling Society X, an MTV run, wrestling based television show. It was during this time that he and Vampiro started to seriously feud. This was highlighted by a pulled episode in which Mesias threw a fireball in Vampiro's face.

By this time, Mesias' contract with IWA ended, and he moved to Mexico to join AAA. He came in wearing a mask working as an enforcer for Cibernetico. After losing the mask and Cibernetico becoming injured, Mesias turned into a power hungry heel, wanting to run the group he was in, then known as La Secta Ciberentica. When Cibernetico returned, the two had a major feud, culminating into a casket match in which Cibernetico "killed" Mesias:

In 2007 after returning from a IWA wrestling stint, Mesias became the company's first World Heavyweight Champion.

In a brief hiatus, Mesias came to the U.S. and joined TNA as the son of James Mitchell and the kayfabe brother of Abyss. He became a character that would appear by cutting up the ring and coming out of it, dragging his enemies underneath. Unfortunately he suffered a very serious back injury when he returned to AAA to defend his title:

After a few weeks of inactivity, he returned and got into a feud with Abyss. The two competed in two PPV matches, each getting wins. Mesias was released from his contract in 2008 and returned to AAA in a full time capacity. Currently he is in a feud with current heavyweight champion Dr. Wagner and Ciberentico and is the company's biggest face.

For a lot of people, Mesias' look is nothing new. He's got a bit of a Batista look going on, tatoos and a whole lot of muscles. But add Mysterio's speed and you get Mesias. He's got a pretty solid repoitoire of power moves as well as high flying skills, including a frog splash and a hurricanrana. He created a finisher we WWE fans have seen, a leaping reverse STO, better known as Shelton Benjamin's Paydirt; Mesias calls his the Straight To Hell.

Of the matches I've seen of his, I've enjoyed many of his matches with Cibernetico. The two are one in the same as far as build and moves, but they've got a really good chemistry with one another.

Here is an example:

Title Match, Rey De Reyes Pt 1 and 2


His best match for me lately is a near 60 minute match with Dr. Wagner at Triplemania 2009: parts one to five

Mesias may not be the best wrestler down in AAA, but this guy is entertaining, and quite obviously gives his everything in matches. It's been great to see someone with his heel heat turn into the biggest face.